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American Quilter magazine 1997 spring
1 American Quilter magazine 1997 spring
American Quilter's Society Spring 1997 Vol. 13, No. 1 magazine used 66 pages 
  • Herb-Dyed Quilts - herbs and organic foods lead to a totally natural quilt
  • Machine Quiltmaking - a look at how the sewing machine has long been a tool enjoyed by quilters
  • Making Peace with Silk - successfully using slippery silks in pieced quilt designs
  • Spin a Quilt - a special ruler porduces intriguing designs. Instructions for creating interlocking floral circles
  • Flight Information - with the help of American Quilt Study Group members, a fascinating exhibit of airplane blocks is developed
  • Help May be at Hand - a look at when and how a damaged quilt can be restored
  • Stack It. Hang It. Hide It. Storage Solutions. Turn a purchased cupboard into a customized space for storing quilts
  • A Firsthand Account - living with carpal tunnel syndrome. Tips for taking care of your hands today, to ensure you'll be quilting with them tomorrow.
  • Film, Photos & Fabric - turn rotary-cut vacation photos into fascinating collages that inspire quilts that celebrate these travel experiences
  • Yvonne Porcella: A Simple Repertoire - A Successful Career. Some thoughts on a career and the experimentation that has led to success
  • By Special Arrangement - Designing with Original Blocks. Ways to give repeat block quilts a new look
  • Working Wonders with Woven Baskets - steps for successfully weaving bias-tube-baskets - with a minimum of effort and stress.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases, and corner and edge wear. 
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    An Heirloom Spread Can be Your's Too
    2 An Heirloom Spread Can be Your's Too
    Lorraine Boilproof Cotton 1930's Vol 49 Booklet Used 15 pages 
    An Heirloom Spread Can be Your's Too, Just start with a section
    Directions for making the most popular colonial designs with Lorraine Boolproof cotton

    Granny bedspread
    Star popcorn bedspread
    Sunflower popcorn bedspread
    Pinwheel popcorn bedspread
    Swedish popcorn bedspread

    Condition cover has creasing, rubbing wear, & bent corners, soiled spot on front cover 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    Backyard Poultry magazine 2009 Oct/Nov
    3 Backyard Poultry magazine 2009 Oct/Nov
    October/November 2009 Volume 4 Number 5 magazine used 74 pages 
    Your Voice: Debate Continues Over Poultry Industry Standards
    Helpful Hints: Warm Water Bucket for Waterfowl
    A Homemade Waterer Heater
    Pet Chickens: Equal Rights for Pet Chickens
    Financial Opportunities: Organic? Free-Range?
    Health: Combining Poultry with Other Enterprises
    Fall Season Herbal Wormer & Alternative
    Backyard Poultry Family Album
    Alternative Feed: Black Soldier Fly, White Magic
    Revisiting "Protein from Thin Air"
    Family Flock Counselor: Set a Spell
    Breeds: Modern Game Bantams; Pilgrim Geese
    Breeds: Turkeys on Range
    Comparing Heritage Turkey Varieties
    Making History: Opening Day at the National Poultry Museum
    Youth: Gertrude McCluck: Chicken in Charge
    Showing Poultry: Junior Showmanship: Preparing Your Birds: At the Show
    Just For Fun: Michael and the Turkish Heritage Chicks
    A Tale of Two Turkey Girls

    Condition: Very worn, marked out address on front, staple cover tears. Back cover has missing square where coupon was cut off. 
    Price: 7.43 USD

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    Bead & Button magazine 1995 June #9
    4 Bead & Button magazine 1995 June #9
    Conterie Press June 1995 Issue No. 9 magazine used 39 pages 
    A Necklace for Your Specs - beaded keepers dress up your glasses
    I (heart) Beads - a quick, easy, and improved brick stitch
    What Do I Do With These Donuts? - adding fringe with comanche stitch
    Medicine Bags - snowflake designs in cylinder beads
    Starting Perfect Tubular Peyote
    Adventures of a Natural - or, how to make anything into a bead
    The Beads Made Him Do It
    Annealing Glass Beads - protecting your collection
    Design Strategy 101 - top tips from a jewelry designer
    Magic Wrap - two steps in one with polymer clay
    Seven Stars and a Moon - Making multi-dangle earrings
    Nifty Buttons - glittering buttons from a glittering age

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has wear. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Bead & Button magazine 2008 December #88
    5 Bead & Button magazine 2008 December #88
    Kalmbach Publishing Co. 2008 Issue 88 magazine used 170 pages 
    Cover Story:
    Regal Reiteration. Make a stately collar of fanning pearl dangles using St. Petersburg chain.

    In pursuit of a button. Tracing buttons through history reveals a fascination with the small

    Go with the flow. Glass-bead maker Jeff Barber shapes hot glass into colorful art beads.

    Anniversary Designs:
    Lunar illusion: Surround colorful cabochons with crystals in an other-worldly cuff
    Hexagonal pillow earrings. Dangle Chinese hexagonal pillows from handmade earring findings
    Planet Pink. Watch a pendant evolve from metal clay, polymer clay, and crystals.
    Metal perspective. Create a pressure setting for a pendant with metal clay and wire.
    Golden Formula. Use tubular netting and acrylic beads for a bodacious bangle
    Exploring lattice weave. Stitch a trio of samples in variations of right-angle weave
    Fleur de Paris. Make a striking floral wrist corsage with elegant stitched stick pearls.
    Winter Medley. Embellish a crocheted lariat with several fringe techniques
    Pearl orbit. Combine tubular peyote stitch and tubular herringbone in a bracelet.
    Silver spirit. Contrast patina with a bright finish to accentuate a metal clay pendant.
    Designer's Dream. Enjoy stitching a stunning neckpiece using several techniques.
    Time for teapots. Create miniature symbols of English tea time in several different stitches.
    Queen's ring. Add a hint of color to a coiled-wire ring with crystals and seed beads.
    Calling all calla lilies. Make a dramatic yet delicate polymer clay bouquet to wear.

    Featured Projects:
    Clearly Crystals: Scalloped lace. Modify right-angle weave and stitch a necklace with graceful curves.
    Ice blossoms. Weave fire-polished beads, cylinders, and bugles into a feminine necklace
    Crystal Constellations. Connect jump rings to make a free-form chain maille necklace.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    Bead & Button magazine 2009 February #89
    6 Bead & Button magazine 2009 February #89
    Kalmbach Publishing 2009 issue 89 magazine used 144 pages 

    Shades of Brown and Green necklace

    Hojas Inspiration. Translate a traditional leaf design from Ecuador into a stitched pendant

    The Language of Design. Learn how to talk about good design, the first lesson of a six-part series on designing beadwork

    Cabled Bracelet. Twist herringbone stitches over each other for a bracelet that looks braided Heavy Metal. Stitch ladder-like links of metallic seed beads in right-angle weave and connect them with jump rings.

    Marquise de lis. Peyote and brick stitch join with crystal navettes for a floral bracelet

    Perfect Pairing. Chain maille and a lampworked bead meet in the middle of a bracelet

    Dimensional Diamonds. A variety of seed beads in a repeating pattern causes a cuff to ripple around your wrist

    Barred Bracelet. String a strong base for your bracelet before stitching surface embellishments

    Fanciful Romance. Stitch a necklace of fans and fire-polished beads for Victorian appeal.

    Byzantine Rings. Circles of seed beads link together for a beaded chain maille necklace

    Pattern Play. Weave a loomwork panel of repeating motifs to assemble a beaded handbag

    Frost Relief. Learn how to successfully (and safely) etch a glass bead.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    Bead Style magazine 2008 November
    7 Bead Style magazine 2008 November
    Kalmbach Publishing 2008 Volume 6, Issue 6 magazine used 122 pages 
    Description: Fun gift ideas just in time for the holidays. Get inspired with 59 fabulous stringing designs including: 14 necklaces, 4 bracelets, 14 earrings, 14 design alternatives. 2 Special Sections: You can do it! Learn to make plain and wrapped loops like a pro.

    Bonus Pull-out: All About Stringing Materials.

    Cover: Off-Center Accent. Gemstones and silver pendant necklace

    Sparkle and Smoke. Venetian beads and gemstones necklace and earrings

    Focus on Plain Loops. Give the power of pink. Cameo, beads, and ribbon necklace

    Focus on Plain. Thanks a bunch button pearls earrings

    Focus on Plain. Dynamic duo, two shapes of gemstone dangles necklace

    Branch out for fall. Handmade tree pendant and gemstones necklace and earrings

    Beginner Project. Around the bend, tube beads on wire earrings

    Wrap up a vintage look. Filigree findings and crystals necklace and earrings

    Quick mix and match. Crystals, chain, and filigree necklace and earrings

    Earth-toned ensemble. Carnelian pendant and gemstones necklace and earrings

    Focus on Wrapped. Become a wrapped-loop expert. Tiny gemstones necklace and earrings

    Focus on Wrapped. Pearls and crystals bracelet and earrings

    Heartwarming. Bead-and-charm ornaments

    Tibetan Prayer Wheel. Pendant with Lucite beads necklace and earrings.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 9.87 USD

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    Beadwork magazine 2009 June/July
    8 Beadwork magazine 2009 June/July
    Interweave Press 2009 Volume 12, Number 4 magazine used 96 pages 

    Beadwork VI: The Beaded Book. Journey through a gallery of intricately stitched masterpieces inspired by literary works and crafted by our nineteen contest winners and top finishers

    Pattern Play Challenge. Using patterned paper swatches for inspiration, five designers take on a challenge and create spirited studies in repetition

    Featured Projects:
    Designer of the Year Projects:

    Pharaoh's Daughter. Waves of right-angle weave created with smart shaping techniques form a richly textured collar fit for a princess

    Sjournee Flower. Use peyote stitch, square stitch, wireworking, and stringing to craft a sweet necklace of seed bead-embellished chain adorned with a flower focal

    Captured by Pearls. Suspended from a simple netted rope, a wonderfully intricate netted bezel frames a coral cabochon in this delicate necklace.

    Woven in Lilac. An embellished filigree focal and a strap made of colorful seed-bead petals create a necklace with Old World charm and modern flair

    Crystal Echo. Ripples of lustrous embroidered seed beads surround faceted crystal buttons in this shimmering cuff.
    Garden Lace. From simple leaf fringe and stitched picots blooms an intricate lacy cuff evocative of European Renaissance fashion.
    Netted Jewel Earrings. Using right-angle weave and netting, braid fire-polished rounds and seed beads into tear-drop shaped dangles
    Patterns of the Serengeti. In this necklace, patterns and textures of the savanna emerge from a bold-colored combination of peyote stitch, fringe, and stringing.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has creases, marked-out address, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 9.87 USD

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    Belle Armoire, Art to Wear magazine 2004 Summer
    9 Belle Armoire, Art to Wear magazine 2004 Summer
    Stampington & Company summer 2004 Vol. 4, Issue 3 magazine used 96 pages 
  • Cover Story: The Woodland Jacket.
  • Splashy, Flashy and Over the Top: the 2003 Bernina Fashion Show REview.
  • Tin-Can Jewelry. With a little imgaination, the lowly tin can could become the basis for your next jewelry project.
  • The Ethnic & Exotic Kimono: Along the Silk Road Wearable Art Challenge. Here are the results of the author's latest art-to-wear contest, inspired by the historical Silk Road.


  • Material Differences: Soft, Sumptuous & Versatile: The Pleasures of Ultrasuede. Whether you use it as a foundation for beadwork, painting, embroidery or other forms of wearable art, sometimes only Ultrasuede will do.
  • The Professional Artist. The author teaches you how to market your wearable art.
  • Embellishments: Designing Beaded Buttons. Megan Noel introduces us to her beautifully embellished beadwork in miniature: on buttons. She learned her technique from author and teacher Robin Atkins, who provides us with a lesson on the art of making itty-bitty beaded beauties.
  • On the Surface: Painted Purses. The use of cotton duck fabric offers a sturdy structure for making nifty handbags while providing a smooth surface on which to stamp and paint your favorite impressions.
  • Clay Arts: Ethnic "Stone" Pendants. Mixing colored and translucent polymer clay results in a faux-stone effect that's perfect for your next pendant project. An artificial aging technique finishes the suface and creates an opportunity for extraordinary transformations.
  • Designer Collection: Joyce Kliman. In the hands of artist Joyce Kliman, clothing becomes art and goes still further, exploring cultures, bringing people together, and healing past hurts.
  • Salon by our readers. Art-to-wear garments, beaded jewelry, polymer clay, scarves and other fashion accessories - 15 pages of glorious artwork, and it's all handmade by our creative and talented readers!

    Condition: Pages have corner wear and some have creases. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    Better Homes & Gardens Quick & Easy Christmas magazine 2002
    10 Better Homes & Gardens Quick & Easy Christmas magazine 2002
    Meredith Corporation 2002 magazine used 112 pages 
  • Pear Perfect. Shapely and colorful, pears are the ideal addition to your holiday decor
  • Sweet Surprises. Turn a favorite holiday confection - red-and-white striped candy canes - into a decorating asset with these ideas
  • Seeing Stars. Let these clever ideas be your guiding light to starry, starry projects that add sparkle to doors and trees.
  • Making Bows. Our easy-to-follow instructions give you the know-how you need to create big beautiful bows.
  • Table Dressing. Set the holiday table in style. This glitzy red, white, and gold presentation is ultraeasy - it just doesn't look that way!
  • Buttons & Boughs. These cute-as-a-button ideas for packages, ornaments, and linens are so easy even the kids can help out.
  • Candles on Parade. Plain candles cradled in stylish containers will earn glowing results. Set the mood for a party or give them as gifts.
  • Wreaths of a Different Color. Fresh hues and surprising decorations turn plain wreaths into lush, artistic holiday hangups.
  • Especially For You! Friends and family will enjoy receiving these homemade gifts as much as you'll enjoy making them. We offer something for everyone.
  • All That Glitters. A white Christmas (with a touch of silver) is yours with these sparkling glass-ball ornaments.
  • What a Card! Let our sampling of homemade cards deliver goodwill in a first-class way.
  • Merry Morsels. Your gifts from teh kitchen will be even more tempting with these clever packaging ideas.
  • Tag It! Make a grand finale on your gifts with a noteworthy gift tag.
  • Under Wraps. Our pretty packaging ideas for boxes and gift bags will pique curiosity even more.
  • Natural Beauties. Bring the outside in with these nature-inspired decorating ideas.
  • Sources
  • One More Idea. WE send you off in style with a final flourish: a Victorian-style ornament to embellish a package or hang on a tree.

    Condition: very good condition. 
    Price: 5.78 USD

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    Better Homes and Gardens WOOD magazine 2000 April #123
    11 Better Homes and Gardens WOOD magazine 2000 April #123
    Meredith Corporation April 2000 Volume 17 No. 3 magazine used 128 pages 
  • A Look at Not-Quite-Perfect Stock. Discover how nature creates defects in wood.
  • The WOOD Gang Builds Tall Clocks. See what goes into making a big clock from a kit
  • Plunge-Routing Basics. Take your plunge-routing to a whole new level with the six simple jigs found here.
  • Random-Orbit Sanders
  • Clever Ways to Recycle Wood Waste. Turn sawdust and chips into something useful
  • Chair Caning. Make a chair seat in just seven easy steps

    Woodworking Projects:

  • Irrigation Island. Keep your garden hose and sprayer off the ground with an attractive, stand-alone hanger
  • Carve a Classic Shell. Adorn furniture with an elegant ornament
  • Mini Garden Shed. Store rakes, shovels, and other yard-care items in this handsome outdoor structure.
  • All-Around Plunge-Router Jig
  • Deluxe Day Bed.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases, marked out address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. Pull-out pattern section is intact. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Better Homes and Gardens Wood magazine 2013 November
    12 Better Homes and Gardens Wood magazine 2013 November
    Meredith Corporation November 2013 Issue No. 222 magazine used 76 pages 
    Project Plans:
    Country Sideboard (cover)
    Small-parts Tablesaw Sled
    Construction-grade End Loader
    "Money Tree" Coin Bank
    Curvy Keepsake Box
    Toy Chest with a Surprise (secret drawer)

    Tools and Techniques:br>18 Tips for Taming Tricky Clamp-ups
    Make "Antique" Hinges from New
    How to Machine Small Parts Safely
    Shop Test: 12" Disc Sanders
    No-fuss Way to Change 12" Sanding Discs
    Shop-Proven Products

    Condition: Ex library. Pull-out pattern section intact. Tape on spine edge. Wear and tears on edges and corners. Finger creasing. 
    Price: 5.00 USD

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    Braided Mop Bunnies Pattern Instruction Booklet
    13 Braided Mop Bunnies Pattern Instruction Booklet
    McCall Pattern Company 1991 023795140287 leaflet used 6 pages 
    Fast & Fun, McCall's Creates pattern and instruction leaflet for making braided animals from mop heads. Includes: bunny, lamb, bear, and kittens.

    Condition: creases, edge and corner wear. Some pages are very soiled. 
    Price: 5.97 USD

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    Capper's Farmer magazine 1953 December
    14 Capper's Farmer magazine 1953 December
    Cappers Publications Inc. December 1953 Volume 64 No. 12 magazine used 66 pages 
  • Christmas at the doorstep: Deck your tree with jewels of light sprinkled over the boughs from a high perch on a tractor scoop. Then hope for snow to frost your scene
  • How to get - and keep - farm help: Agriculture is vying with industry for men. Maybe we are losing the contest because we have not played up the good points of farm life - real and hidden - over punch-the-clock factory employment
  • Let's start a boar-testing station: What hogman wouldn't be interested in the progeny of a boar that turns his feed into big gains? Nobody wants profit-eaters at his trough; breeders would have a first-rate selling point in a tested boar with a record of high feed efficiancy
  • All aboard for smorgasbord! Every year, at the Christmas season, the Herman Jensons of Freeborn county, Minnesota, open their home for a round of parties in the Swedish tradition. Family, friends, food, and fun - they make the hours of preparation worthwhile.

    A look ahead
    When does it pay to irrigate?
    Milk 3 times a day - sleep 8 hours a night

    It's new for farm and home
    Make more room around the table
    Farm shop
    It's handy

    Family Living:
    Holidays are for memory-making
    Just in time for Christmas
    Fun while they learn

    Tax ruling on terracing costs
    Watching the Washington scene
    Take the farm program out of politics?
    Now you're the boss of FCA

    For Women:
    Extra-duty styles
    Homemaking news

    Favorites from the smorgasbord
    Gifts from your kitchen
    Make it early - or make it easy
    Our whole family makes Christmas candy
    Country cooking

    Condition: Pages are age toned and have edge and corner wear. Cover has creases, tears, address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    Chip Chats 1995 #4
    15 Chip Chats 1995 #4
    National Wood Carvers Association July-August 1995 Vol.42 #4 Magazine Used 147 pages 
    Short and Tall Uncle Sams
    Make Mine a Green Beret
    Making Carving Shows Better
    Create Hand-Carved Wood Flowers
    Vermont Bird Museum is Carver's Dream
    Using Text in Relief Carvings
    Friends Come Through for Eagle Carver
    Visiting the South American Woodcarvers
    The Mysterious Airbrush
    "No Dope on a Rope'
    Making a Knife From a Straight Razor
    Northumberland Carvers "Horse Around"
    Bonita Carvers Out-do Themselves
    S-44-OT: A Folder Worth a Second Look
    Caricature Carver Won't Settle for Seconds
    Carvers Share Talents in Valley City, ND
    There's more to Life Than Basswood
    Inspiration Guides Novice Carver
    Bennet A. Porter - Doctor of Wood
    Getting a Handle on Golf Ball Carving
    20-Mule Team Brings Back Fonf Memories
    Sculptree '94
    Carving a Wolf and a 'Sea Oughta'
    From Problem Tree to Beautiful Totem
    Roy Colbert to be Featured Carver
    Florida Carver has New Focus
    Nick Accordino, 'Norman Rockwell of Wood'
    Downeast Carvers Winning acclaim
    First-time Visit to Local Woodcarvers Club
    Review of Doug Harrison Seminar

    Condition - cover has creases 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Chip Chats 1996 #2
    16 Chip Chats 1996 #2
    National Wood Carvers Association March-April 1996 Vol 43, # 2 Magazine Used 147 pages 
    'An accident - just passing through'
    A good scout steps up
    A popular poplar plaque
    Stephen Balkenhol exhibits at Carnegie
    Woodcraft stores to display 'full moon saloon'
    Why carvers should burn in-the-flat
    A rose within a golf ball
    Another great time at carvers Rendezvous
    Meditations of a commission woodcarver
    The six-cut method of chip carving
    South African club hones carving skills
    New tools
    Bily clock museum
    Northern Maine school a cut above the rest
    500 years of carving
    The internet
    Fantastick sightseeing on Swiss tour
    Utah's 'members choice' competition
    Blow it up! Make it big!
    Making the scene

    Condition - cover has creases, back cover has address sticker, light soiling on back cover, bent corners 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Chip Chats 1996 #3
    17 Chip Chats 1996 #3
    National Wood Carvers Association May-June 1996 Vol. 43, No. 3 Magazine Used 147 pages 
    Council oak carving
    J.R. Cadawas carves 'the last supper'
    Emil Janel carvings in Minnesota
    Carving fit for a king
    Chainsawed 'Timber doodles'
    Another prize winning rose
    Gigantic struggle immortalized in wood
    American carves the Austrian way
    'If it doesn't work right'
    From Ray's scrapbook
    Wildlife carver stages one-man show
    Making, inlaying small wooden eyes
    Texas termites tackle tough project
    After 30 years - carving young St. Francis
    Kronospan dragon stars in Singapore
    Walnut Valley club carves totem pole
    Snowbird migration essential to Florida club
    The Stafford-style bluebill hunting decoy
    50 years of carving dragons and vikings

    Condition - cover has creases, back cover has address sticker resedue 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Chip Chats 1999 #6
    18 Chip Chats 1999 #6
    National Wood Carvers Association November-December 1999 Vol. 46, No. 6 Magazine Used 139 pages 
    Proud to be a 'power carver'
    Famour carving museum for lease in Iowa
    John Obermeier: profile of a burl carver
    The making of Bella the whate
    Carve a wood snipe
    Ornament celebrates a new millennium
    Totem pole at Knott's Berry Farm
    woodcarving and miniatures
    Wood be carvers in class
    Waldorf woodcarving VIII
    23rd annual 'Doane Experience'
    scouts bolster aging artisans
    Creede keeps 'em coming back
    And so it all began in the summer of '53
    Minor blades, part 2
    visiting a hobby carver in Scotland
    Caricature carver Don P. Davis
    Changes at Austrian school
    Tannehill club offer suggestions

    Condition - cover has creases 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Chip Chats 2001 #6
    19 Chip Chats 2001 #6
    National Wood Carvers Association November-December 2001 Vol 48, No. 6 Magazine Used 131 pages 
    Old west town lives in minatures
    Sylwester Sowa - carver from Poland
    athe crib - symbol of peace on Earth
    ' Little bladder' pattern
    'Lars the repairman' pattern
    Charles Johns - chainsaw carver
    Flat plane carving with Harley Refsal
    L'Internationale de la sculpture
    The making of Cichise
    Carver's heaven or ortisei revisited
    'Bookworm" pattern
    4th Glacier woodcarvers Rendezvous
    Victoria, the restoration
    Magis relief carving
    Cer-Nose DiBooger rat pattern
    Homemade sanding aids
    Doane experiences 25th aniversary
    Tool man
    Carving with Dimitrios Klitsas
    Caricature carvers' jamboree in Idaho
    Bob Guge returns to Saginaw, Mich
    Create your own patterns
    Randy Walters - carving and getlemen
    Carve a clown tiggerfish
    Northwoods carvers busy year round
    Otis Stephens Jr. - versatile carver
    One month to carve a figurehead
    Robert Birney - carver of reliefs

    Condition - cover has creases, Pages have damp stain on top corners 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Collectibles magazine 1995 winter
    20 Collectibles magazine 1995 winter
    GCR Publishing winter 1995 Volume 3, Number 4 magazine used 82 pages 
  • Avon Calling! Those wonderful bottles of potions and lotions that women once peddled door to door are once again finding their place on dressing tables.
  • We Wish You a Plastic Christmas. With Yuletide items out of the reach of even Santa, many people are turning to plastic
  • Welcome Back, John Travolta. Vinnie Garbarino and the other Sweathogs are long gone from Kotter's classroom. Now they're hanging out in collectors' homes
  • "Z" is for Zorro. This masked avenger was not only a role model for a number of superheroes, he was the star of a huge field of collectibles.
  • Bright Lights: '50s TV Lamps. Neophytes once thought that new-fangled invention - television - could cause blindness. We have them to thank today for thousands of zany table lights.
  • Carnival Cane Dolls. Feathered, glittering dolls and fur monkeys on sticks were the toy version of cotton candy. Today, they're collectible.
  • Mr. Potato Head. Collectors have rediscovered this spud, his wife and their garden full of friends.

    In the Kitchen:

  • Pixieware. Adorable condiment jars hold ketchup and mustard - and the hearts of collectors.
  • Shake, Rattle & Pour! Martini shakers, once symbols of Deco history and speakeasy decadence, are making a comeback.

    House Tours:

  • McMom. This Illinois woman didn't get her nickname because she has eight kids. Could it have something to do with a certain burger?
  • House of Games. Boxes of childhood memories once again fill a kid's room in this collector's Los Angeles home


  • Let's Talk. Letter from the editor
  • Collectors' Letteres
  • Ted Hake's Show & Tell. Catching up on TV collectibles
  • Shopping: Heirloom Doll Shoppe. An all-in-one antiques shop, doll hospital and museum in Waukesha, Wisconsin
  • Editor's Picks. A bunch of stuff I've picked up on my recent flea-market ventures.
  • Collecting Tips: The Big Fix. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it is, here's some help.

    Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover has creases, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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