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Barbie, The Magazine for Girls, 1984 Winter
1 Barbie, The Magazine for Girls, 1984 Winter
Mattel, Inc 1984 premier issue magazine used 32 pages 
  • Barbie Talk. A letter from Barbie just for you.
  • Your Page. Barbie friends have their say.
  • What's Happening. The latest in entertainment.
  • Good Looks, Good Health. Tips for looking and feeling your best.
  • The Pet Page.
  • Great New Outdoor Sportswear
  • Shopping Smart. Tips for a successful shopping trip
  • The Prettiest Holiday Dresses
    Barbie's Christmas Party - and a big surprise!
  • Delicious Ideas. Recipes and food facts
  • You Can Do It. Carfts you can make yourself. Holiday dough ornaments. Bangle bracelet belt. Badge banner. Original stationery.
  • Home Sweet Home. Ways to make your room special.
  • Tricks and Teasers. Games, puzzles, and other brain twisters.

    Condition: poor condition. Pages are lightly age toned, have creases and corner wear. Puzzles and games in the back have writing in pencil and crayon. Pages have moisture wrinkling. Cover has creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    Cook's Illustrated magazine 2000 November December
    2 Cook's Illustrated magazine 2000 November December
    November/December 2000 Number 47 magazine used 52 pages 
  • Notes from Readers
  • Quick tips
  • Better than Best Oven-Roasted Turkey.
  • Improving Cornbread Stuffing
  • Roasted Pear Salads
  • Roast Stuffed Pork Loin Perfected
  • Shrimp Bisque Simplified
  • Pie Dough 101
  • Pommes Anna for Home Cooks
  • The Best Pasta all'Amatriciana
  • Great Turkey Soup
    Improving Dutch Apple Pie
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Roulade
  • Frozen Turkey Beats Out Fresh
  • Do Electric Knives Really Work?
  • Kitchen Notes
  • Cooking Across the Pond

    Condition:Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    Fine Cooking magazine 2000 November
    3 Fine Cooking magazine 2000 November
    The Taunton Press October/November 2000 074851649046 Issue 41 magazine used 94 pages 
    Pulling Together a Stellar Thanksgiving Dinner
    Deliciously Tender Vegetable Compotes
    Making Hearty Meat Sauces for Great Fall Dinners
    Meaty Portabellas Make a Meal
    The Classic Quiche Is Back
    Master Class: Sole & Scallop Timbales
    Three Sweet Breads from One Simple Dough
    With Cutting Boards, More is Better
    Baking Homey Apple Desserts

    Condition: Very good used condition. 
    Price: 9.35 USD

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    Saveur magazine 1998 January #24
    4 Saveur magazine 1998 January #24
    Meigher Communications January/February 1998 Number 24 magazine used 110 pages 
  • Searching for the Secrets of Cassoulet. In the heart of southwestern France, a cassoulet lover discovers the quintessential rendition of this celebrated dish - along with a few helpings of controversy.
  • Tet is Everybody's Birthday. A trip to Hanoi for Vietnam's New Year becomes a meeting of cultures as one American finds friendship, renewal, and a host of captivating holiday foods.
  • Phyllo Without Fear. Greeks and Turks both claim to have invented this delicate, paper-thin dough, and everybody cooks with it all over Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The surpise is how easy it is to make (and use) at home.

  • First. Sitting down at the table with someone sparks an almost instantaneous sense of intimacy and kinship - even if that someone is a longtime "enemy".
  • Saveur Fare. A real Nutcracker Prince, drinking vodka in (not on) the rocks in Lapland. New Year's fun with food, a whole new king of haggis, what Maria von Trapp ate for an early morning snack, the original radio food guru, Agenda, and more.
  • Review. Neither Romania nor Bulgaria is particularly famous for its cuisine - but both nations have rich and varied histories, and their kitchens are full of tales and colorful accents.
  • Drink. Cornas was never considered one of the great wine regions of France's northern Rhone. Then Auguste Clape got there and started turning out his rugged, concentrated, thoroughly delicious masterpieces.
  • Source. The corn is "green" in the delicious, fragrant, cheese-filled tamales that this old-line LA restaurant now ships around the country.
  • Classic. There's only one word for the way the Swiss turn earthly potatoes into a high-altitude delight: rosti.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases, small soiled spots, and edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    Bread Dough Flowers Primitive Style, Eidick, Mary
    5 Eidick, Mary Bread Dough Flowers Primitive Style
    Craft Course Publishers 1974 stapled softcover used 23 pages 
    Instructions for making bread dough flowers. Projects include:
    Perky Petunias
    Sunny Daisies
    February Violets
    Springtime Daffodils
    Jaunty Geraniums
    The Classic Calla Lily
    Pansies to Please
    Blossoming Dogwood
    and two girls made of bread dough - Studious Stephanie and Betsy Bonnet
    Harvest Bouquet
    Petite Bead Dough Fruits
    Assorted Leaf Patterns

    Condition: cover has creases and edge tears. Pages are clean and unmarked. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    Dough Darlings, Riepl, Connie
    6 Riepl, Connie Dough Darlings
    Design Originals by Suzanne McNeill 1995 No. 3024 Booklet Used 23 pages 
    Cow Couple
    Rocking Horse
    Fishing Rabbit
    Cat with Heart
    Santa Head
    Cat & Cow
    Lamb, Pig, Chicken
    Pumpkin & Cat
    P J Rabbit
    Soccer Bear
    Gingerbread Boy
    Fire Dog
    Cat in Rad PJ's
    Rabbit Girl
    Carousel Horse Cowboy
    Ballerina Bear
    Deer in Stocking

    Condition Cover has Creasing and bent corners, 2 stickers on back cover 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    The Photo-Method for Bread Making, Roberts, Virginia
    7 Roberts, Virginia The Photo-Method for Bread Making
    Home Baking Institute, Occident Flour 1944 booklet used 7 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches tall 
    Include photos and written instructions for bread making.

    Step No. 1 Utensils
    Step No. 2 Ingredients
    Step No. 3 Mixing the Ingredients
    Step No. 4 Mixing the Ingredients
    Step No. 5 Kneading
    Step No. 6 Putting Dough to Rise
    Step No. 7 First Rising
    Step No. 8 Second Rising
    Step No. 9 Rounding Into Loaves
    Step No. 10 Molding the Loaves
    Step No. 11 Third Rising
    Step No. 12 Heating the Oven
    Step No. 13 Baking and Cooling
    To Increase or Decrease Size of Recipe
    The Sponge Method of Making White Bread

    Condition: Pages and cover have soil, creases, and small tears. Staples are rusty. 
    Price: 6.88 USD

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