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Places Quarterly Journal of Evironmental Design, fall 1992
1 Places Quarterly Journal of Evironmental Design, fall 1992
The Design History Foundation Fall 1992 Volume 8, Number 2 magazine used 96 pages 
Transformation and Conservation
Campo and Veld
Building and Politics
Light Organizing/Organizing Light
The Language of Light
Light in the Chapel of the Benedictine Monastery of Las Condes
The Filtered Light of Sarkhej
Air Spirits
For Those Who Spend Time in a Place
Pike Place Market
St. Sulpice in Light and Shadows
Oak Alley
William Faulkner's Jackson Square
A Little Shadow Box
An Open Door
Light in a Landscape of Desire
Lighting the Night: Technology, Urban Life and the Evolution of Street Lighting
Streetlights and Civic Imagery
New York City Grilles
Toronot Places
Rhythms of Perception
Portraits of Haleiwa

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Progressive Architecture magazine 1993 January
2 Progressive Architecture magazine 1993 January
Reinhold Publishing January 1993 magazine used 116 pages 
40th Annual P/A Awards

Architectural Design:
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
Barnes House, Nanaimot, British Columbia
Claremont Park Family Care Center, Bronx, New York
Kyle Residence, Houston
Seaside Commerical Residential Building, Seaside, Florida
Circolo Restaurant, Glendale California
Inside Out House, Starlight, Pennsylvania
Hudson River House, Nyack, New York
New Urban Housing, Pittsburgh
Science Museum School, Los Angeles
River Retreat, Comal County, Texas
Transportation Control Center, Boston
Center for the Arts, Atlanta

Urban Design:
Dallas Visions for Community, Texas
Riviera Beach Master Plan, Florida
Morovis: The Urban Condition, Puerto Rico
Rosa Vista, Mesa, Arizona

Reurbanisation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Energy Analysis for Building
Housing as if People Mattered

40 Years of P/A Awards
Profiles of Winning Firms 
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Progressive Architecture magazine 1993 June
3 Progressive Architecture magazine 1993 June
Reinhold Publishing June 1993 magazine used 162 pages 
International Terminal, O'Hare International Airport

Critique: Yale Psychiatric Center, New Haven Ct.

Three Temporary Buildings:
Powell Library Staging Facility, Los Angeles
Temporary American Center, Paris
MOMI Tent, London

Lotus Temple, Awaji, Japan

Riverside South, New York

The Aftermath of Hurrican Andrew
Foreign Study Programs

Two Poolhouses
Hampstead Pool House

Buried Buildings

Architects and Power

Condition: Pages are clean. Cover is worn and has tears. 
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Progressive Architecture magazine 1995 February
4 Progressive Architecture magazine 1995 February
Reinhold Publishing February 1995 magazine used 118 pages 
  • Who Should Get That Coveted One Percent? Artists are attacking an effort to spend "public art" money on architecture rather than on art works. The bigger issue is whether artists and architects can learn to work together again.
  • "The Group": Designers Acting on Their Ideals. Inspired by the late Robert Marquis, Bay Area architects have launched a campaign to make affordable housing more abundant - and more welcome.
  • Government Hoops: The Trials of Pursuing Government Work. The daunting routines of getting public commissions are yielding to alternative procedures - some promising, some threatening - at various levels of government.
  • Process: Raising Rock's Reliquary. I.M. Pei's monument to Rock and Roll takes shape on the Cleveland skyline.
  • Gothic Revival. Three "Gothic" projects by Gerald Allan and Jeffrey Harbinson Architects reflect underlying shifts in American culture.
  • Architectural Research. A review of exemplary research including wayfinding cues, hybrid housing, and direct supervision prisons.
  • The Strip Meets the Flaming Volcano. The Las Vegas strip, long shaped by the car culture, is now generating sidewalk extravaganzas aimed at a neglected desert species - the pedestrian.
  • Eisenman (and Company) Respond. Peter Eisenman and seventeen other architects and critics look at the politics of formalism.
  • Made in Switzerland. Formal concerns take a back seat to experimential qualities in the work of four Swiss firms: Herzog & de Meuron, Burkhalter & Sumi, Atelier Peter Zumthor, and Gigon & Guyer.
  • Technics: The Architect as FM Contractor. Corporate America's outsourcing of facilities management functions is creating an enormous opportunity for architects to offer clients a host of computer-based services.
  • Selected Detail - creating Gothic tracery.

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    Progressive Architecture magazine 1995 May
    5 Progressive Architecture magazine 1995 May
    Reinhold Publising May 1995 magazine used 122 pages 
    Practice Notes:
    Limits for Limited Liability
    Qualifications-Based Selection Saved

    Technics Notes:
    Greening On-line
    Engineered Wood Directory
    Steel Joist Guide

    Grave's Denver Library Opens
    Head Start School Competition
    Two City Halls
    Wood Design Award Winners


  • Whole Lotta Shakin' Comin' On - Architecture students are helping California homeowners recover from the frightening 1994 earthquake - and gird for disasters to come
  • Carrara's Mountains of Marble - From the Roman Forum to the latest highrises, Carrara has supplied the world with snow-white marble on a staggering scale, through an evolution of quarry techniques.
  • The Santa Monica School: What's Its Lasting Contribution? A movement that started with beach cottages and art studios in the 1970s is now recognized worldwide as an L.A. design trademark.
  • Critique: Art as Architecture: Exploring the border between architecture and art in his Center ofr the Visual Arts in Toledo, Frank Gehry raises questions about the boundaries of our discipline.
  • Model Making: A Model of Practice. The computer-aided design and manufacturing now used to make models may one day transform architectural practice.
  • Modernity Enriches History. Three works by Barcelona's Lapena & Torres depict an inspirational Modernism that holds its own to complement a powerful historic context.

    The Mayor Who Preaches Design. Milwaukee's John Norquist, a disciple of both Tom Wolfe and the New Urbanism, fights highway engineers, exhorts architects, and tries to get the buildings in line.

  • Process: Shakespeare on teh Thames. The reconstruction of Shakespeare's Gold Theater involves architectural sleuthing and the revival of 16th-Century building technologies
  • Technics: Collapse at L'Ambiance: What Went Wrong.
  • Selected Detail. Fire-Resistant Thatched Roofing

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    The National Geographic magazine 1921 January
    6 The National Geographic magazine 1921 January
    National Geographic Society January 1921 Volume 39 Volume 1 magazine used 110 
  • The Dream Ship - The Story of a Voyage of Adventure More Than Half Around the World in a 47-foot Lifeboat. 44 illustrations.
  • Treasure-House of the Gulf Stream - The Completion and Opening of the New Aquarium and Biological Laboratory at Miami, Florida. 5 illustrations
  • Sixteen Color Plates of Warm-Sea Fishes
  • Interesting Citizens of the Gulf Stream. 13 illustrations.
  • Every-Day Life in Afghanistan. 27 illustrations.

    Condition: Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has creases, soil, tears, tape on the top and bottom of the spine, piece missing on the spine, wear to the edges and corners. 
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    The Rise and Fall of Great Cities, Lawton, Richard (editor)
    7 Lawton, Richard (editor) The Rise and Fall of Great Cities
    Belhaven Press 1989 Hardcover with dust jacket used 185 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    dust jacket: "The great cities of Europe and North America experienced unparalleled growth in the late nineteenth century and first three quarters of the twentieth century on the basis of mercantile and industrial prosperity. Suddenly, as economic structures and urban functions have changed, the role of the city has dramatically altered, with sometimes painful consequences for urban populations, fabric and economies. Professor Lawton, one of the leading historical geographers of the present day, has brought a group of distinquished scholars to examine the changing nature of the urban fact within a comparative framework. The scope of the book is both historical and contemporary with the lessons for the future kept clearly in view.

    The book opens with a broad analysis of the nature of urbanisation in the West between AD 1800-2000, charting the main forces that have shaped cities in the period. Individual chapters from leading authorities follow the themes through in detail, dealing in turn with urban economies, planning, attitudes to urban life, commercial structures, population, public health, housing, recent extensions of the 'city region' and the future role of cities as hubs of a global information network.

    As both prospect and retrospect, this book provides a timely comment and summary of modern western urbanism which will be required reading for all social scientists and historians concerned with cities."

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Dust jacket has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners.

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