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Women's Studies

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Bitch magazine 2009 Winter
1 Bitch magazine 2009 Winter
B-Word Worldwide Winter 2009 issue No 42 magazine used 96 pages 
  • A I (Para)Normal? In Lois Duncan's novels, teens grapple with parents, boyfriends, and astral projection
  • The Brave Ones. Rape-revenge films have evolved since the days of exploitation films like I Spit on Your Grave - this new breed has Teeth.
  • Turning the Tables. The Hip Hop Wars author Tricia Rose discusses corporate music, hypermasculinity and scratching out misogyny.
  • My Dark Confession. Five comic artists reveal their secret loves, lives, and lust.
  • Body of Work. Five artists explore the dark side - using their bodies as canvas
  • Darkness Defined. A noir lexicon
  • It's Jane's House - We Just Live In it. Bronte, feminism, and the gothic tradition.


  • On Archetypes. The "women's pictures" of yesteryear may have put forward a nightmarish vision for career women - but are today's films any better?
  • On Abstinence. Stephanie Meyer;s vampire-infested Twilight series has created a new Ya genre: abstinence porn.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Journal of Women's History 2004
    2 Journal of Women's History 2004
    John Hopkins University Press Spring 2004 Vol 16 No 1 softcover used 194 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    Women's History in the New Millennium: Continuting the Conversation on "Compulsory Heterosexuality"
  • Adrienne Rich
    Reflections on "Compulsory Heterosexuality"


  • Ruth Vanita
    "Married Among Their Companions": Female Homeoerotic Relations in Nineteenth-Century Urdu Rekhti Poetry in India
  • Geertje Mark
    Sandor/Sarolta Vay: From Passing Woman to Sexual Invert
  • Erica R Armstrong
    A Mental and Moral Feast: Reading, Writing, and Sentimentality in Black Philadelphia
  • Michelle Tusan
    Reforming Work: Gender, Class, and the Printing Trade in Victorian Britain
  • Iris Schroder and Anja Schuler
    "In Labor Alone is Happiness": Women's Work, Social Work, and Feminist Reform Endeavors in Wilhelmine Germany - A Transatlantic Perspective

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    Incidents Involving Mirth, Livia, Anna
    3 Livia, Anna Incidents Involving Mirth
    The Eighth Mountain Press 1990 0933377134 / 9780933377134 softcover used 190 pages, 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches tall 
    from the cover: "Incidents Involving Mirth marks the first American publication of British writer Anna Livia's remarkable fiction. This exciting new collection displays the author's full range and depth - there are contemporary lesbian stories, lyrical science fiction fantasies, suspenseful dramas, fables and tall tales. They all bear the Anna Livia trademark - a glittering grace of language, a playful wit, and an ever fresh grappling with such serious concerns as the nature of love and friendship between women and the commonplace and daily violence against women. Like the best of friends, they can as easily reduce you to helpless laughter as provoke you to furious debate."

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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