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Parabola Myth and the Quest for Meaning magazine 1977
1 Parabola Myth and the Quest for Meaning magazine 1977
Tamarack Press 1977 Volume II, Number 4 magazine used 135 pages 
  • Of Majesties and Majesty. In the 7th century, the Empress of China begged a Buddhist master for a demonstration that would clarify the mystery of the "All in All" and the "One in All." An appreciation of his brilliant solution.
  • Strangers at the Gate. An exploration of the ancient rites of hospitality and how they reveal our common humanity.
  • The Thunder, Perfect Mind. The first appearance in English of an arresting and powerful fragment from the Gnostic writings at Nag Hammadi.
  • Laws and Customs in a Brahmin Family. The subtleties of relationships in a traditional Indian household as experienced by a Western woman.
  • Selections from Essentials: Definitions and Aphorisms. Best known as the author of Cane, Toomer published these observations "on the nature and forms of human experience" in a private edition in 1931. The second in a series of excerpts.
  • The Coat. The unique Sufic relationship between teacher and disciple, in an intense and dramatic evocation
  • Indra's Net - Reflections on Relationships. Insights into our interwoven experience.

    Epicycles: Myths, stories, parables

  • Oedipus: A new version of the ancient Greek tragedy.
  • Tales of a Demon: a continuation of the series of riddle stories from the eleventh century Indian epic known as the Ocean of Story/
  • The Blacksmith's Tale: A cautionary tale from the Irish tinkers.
  • The Judgment and Uninvited Guests: Two Mullah stories about men and women.
  • Blue Jay: A sly trickster tale from the Salish Indians.

    The Demands of Harmony - An Appreciation of Navajo Relationships by Barre Toelken. A challenging and provocative essay which indicates a way to approach a view of life radically different from our own.

  • Telling Stores: A conversation with Diane Wolkstein and Paul Jordan-Smith. The experience of storytellers who keep an age-old art alive and well in our time
  • Two Poems by Jane Yolen

    Condition: Pages have edge soil and corner wear. Cover has creases, and edge and corner wear. 
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    The Amish - An Illustrated Essay
    2 The Amish - An Illustrated Essay
    Applied Arts Publishers 1971 Fifth printing Booklet Used 33 pages 
    The Amish past
    The Amish Church
    Special practices
    Choosing leaders
    Special church services
    The wedding
    The married couple
    The Amish home
    The Amish farm
    The Amish community
    The education
    The common garb
    Mutual aid
    Leisure activities
    Old age

    Condition – Cover has light creasing and bent corners, the top right corner has been cut off of the front cover 
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    The Liberal Church at the End of the Oregon Trail, Bachelder, Horace Lyman
    3 Bachelder, Horace Lyman The Liberal Church at the End of the Oregon Trail
    Watson Printing Company 1969 Softcover used 144 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    "A history of the First Congregational Society of Oregon City and of the Atkinson Memorial Congregational Church from the first meeting in 1844 to the 125th Anniversary in 1969."

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, tears, and wear to the edges and corners.

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    Coronado's Friars, Chavez, Fr. Angelico
    4 Chavez, Fr. Angelico Coronado's Friars
    Academy of American Franciscan History 1968 hardcover used 106 pages, 6 1/2 inches by 10 inches tall 

    • And They were Five
    • The Expedition is Assembled
    • Fray Juan de Padilla
    • Fray Luis de Ubeda
    • Fray Antonio de Castilblanco
    • Fray Juan de la Cruz
    • Fray Daniel the Italian
    • On to Cibola
    • In Search of Quivira
    • No Seven Cities
    • Two Ended Mysteriously
    • The Others Died in Bed
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix
    • Bibliography
    • Index

    Condition: Ex library book with all the markings and card holder glued to the inside back cover. Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Boards have rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. Back board has the cloth mis-folded on the top corner leaving a loose spot.

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    Path of Heart, Personal & Planetary Healing, Dullea, Rev. C Amber Rose
    5 Dullea, Rev. C Amber Rose Path of Heart, Personal & Planetary Healing
    2002 softcover used 100 pages, 7 inches by 8 1/2 inches tall 
    Signed by the author on the title page. From the cover: "For those on the path of self discovery and/or how want to be effective in making a difference in our world. . . in the end it is the same journey.

    Part One: Questions at the Core
    Part Two: Healing into Wholeness
    Part Three: Designing a Process
    Part Four: Doorways to Connections
    Part Five: Continuing on the Path of the Heart

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Power Plays: Skits and Scripture Studies for Youth: Book 1, Nummela, Thomas A. (editor)
    6 Nummela, Thomas A. (editor) Power Plays: Skits and Scripture Studies for Youth: Book 1
    Concordia Publishing House 1995 0570095751 / 9780570095750 softcover used 86 pages, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches tall 
    from the cover: "God provides the power for real living! And this book focuses on some of the most powerful texts of Scripture. This book will help youth understand how the power of God's Word works in their daily lives.

    Power Plays, Book 1 contains 12 skit-based Bible studies for high school youth, including topics such as prioritys, self-image, parents, friends, decision-making, assurance of salvation, and more.

    Each study includes a reproducible skit, called a power play, that is performed in class to provoke discussion and illustrate the application of Scripture to real life. The skits can also be sued in chancel dramas for worship, outreach, or other youth ministry activities. In addition, there are other "active learning" options (games or group activities) that relate the selected Scripture passage to a real-life situation."

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
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    Law and Society: Volume II of the Institutes of Biblical Law, Rushdoony, Rousas John
    7 Rushdoony, Rousas John Law and Society: Volume II of the Institutes of Biblical Law
    Ross House Books 1986 hardcover used 752 pages, 6 inches by 9 1/2 inches tall 
    Partial contents:
    The Sociology of the Sabbath
    Blessing and Cultural Advance
    The Faith of Rahab
    Sacrilege and the Church
    Sacrilege and Judgment
    The Sacrilege of Time
    Sacrilege, Against the Person
    Sacrilege, Holiness, and Community
    Grace and Community
    State and Community
    The Community of the Atonement
    Community and Crime
    Community and Family
    Community and Order
    Community and Faith
    Community and Morality
    Theology and the State
    Vows and Oaths
    The Curse
    Capitalization and the Two Basic Institutions
    Communion and Community
    Communion and Culture
    Community and Culture
    Fortune-Telling, Witchcraft, Law and the Future
    Occultism and Experientalism
    Rebellion and Occultism
    Infusion and Imputation
    Debt and Decapitalization
    The Laws of Inheritance
    Inheritance and Dominion
    Inheritance and Possession
    Inheritance, Lot, and Land
    Inheritance and Work
    Inheritance and the Larger Family
    The Laws of Possession
    The Inheritance of Freedom
    The Inheritance of Life
    The Meaning of Heirship
    Comminity and Heirship
    Community in Christ
    Sanctification and History
    Law and Community
    God and the City
    "The Law Shall Go Forth"
    Indictment and Community
    The Royal Virtue
    The Royal Virtue and the Family
    The Function of the Royal Virtue
    Culture and the Royal Virtue
    The Roots of the Royal Virtue
    Taxation and the Royal Virtue
    Expiation of Power
    Taxation and Theft
    The Basis for Citizenship
    The Princes of God
    "The Just Shall Live By Faith"
    The Word of the King
    and moreCondition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has bumped corners, rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Mountain Stillness, The Professor, Master of Nothingness
    8 The Professor, Master of Nothingness Mountain Stillness
    Wu Chi Books 2000 softcover used 6 inches by 8 inches tall 
    "This book is an edited Taoist edition of the author's studies from a variety of Taoist's writers and other reedited affirmations from the author's mentors. Each page is perforated so you can remove each Taoist poem and frame them to read them each day.

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Fun and Festival From India, Wright, Rose
    9 Wright, Rose Fun and Festival From India
    Friendship Press 1938 sixth printing 1946 softcover used 48 pages 

    Indian Festivals
    A Jalsa
    A Mela
    Religious Festivals

    Dinners, Menus, and Recipes
    A Bell Banquet
    A Lotus Luncheon
    An Indian Dinner - Room Arrangement, Dinner Service
    A Simple Tea
    A Lap Luncheon
    Curry Puffs

    Decorations, Favors, and Costumes
    Table Decorations and Favors
    Women's Costumes
    Men's Costumes

    Games and Recreation:
    Quiet Games:
    Moksha Patamu
    A Game of Contrasts
    Active Games:
    A Very Popular Game
    Sher aur Bakri
    The Tamer and the Sparrow
    Creative Recreation:
    Metal Work

    Indian Music:
    Creating an Atmosphere Through Music

    Indian Poetry

    Indian Folk Stories:
    The Monkey's Heroic Self-Sacrifice
    A Rajput Tale

    Condition: Pages are lightly age toned. Cover is loose from the page block. Cover has creases, soil, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 9.10 USD

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