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Casper the Friendly Ghost comic book
1 Casper the Friendly Ghost comic book
Harvey World March 1980 No. 209 comic used 
Casper comic book.

Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 5.00 USD

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Heavy Metal magazine 2001 September
2 Heavy Metal magazine 2001 September
Vol XXV No. 4 magazine used 128 pages 
Gallery on Stacy E. Walker
Dossier by S. C. Ringgenberg
Galactic Geographic by Karl Kofoed
Dusk by Andreas & Bezian
How Do Men Choose a Partner? by Goupil and Walter
How Do Women Choose a Partner? by Goupil and Walter
Gypsy-Black Eyes by Marini & Smolderen
Fistful of Blood by Simon Bisley and Kevin Eastman
Pissy Little Bitch by G. Borile & Beuroit
The Ballerina by Carlos Trillo & Domingo Mandrafina
Choose Your Game by Juan Gimenez

Condition: Pages have corner wear and some have bent corners. Cover has creases, and wear to the edges and corners. Spine is bumped and torn at the bottom. 
Price: 6.60 USD

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MAD Super Special Fall 1981 magazine
3 MAD Super Special Fall 1981 magazine
E C Publications Inc. Fall 1981 Number 36 magazine used 96 pages 
Strip Teasers Department:
Comic Strips They'd Really Like to Do

Rush Money-Order Today Department:
If Comic Characters Answered Those Ads

Song of India Ink Department:
The MAD "Comic" Opera

From "Super" to Nuts Department:
More Powerful Than A Locomotive

Drawing On An Old Format Department:
Adult TV Cartoons

No Longer Working For Peanuts Department:
Will Success Spoil Charlie Brown?

Don Martin Department:
Don Martin Looks At "Spiderman"

Funnies Are People Department:
Comicland Magazine

Pen and "Shrink" Department:
If Comic Book Characters Were Psychoanalyzed

Comick Shnooks Department:
A MAD Look At Super Heroes

Newspaper Comics Department:

Roasted Peanuts Department:
Misery is a Cold Hot Dog

What Mortals These Fools Be Department:
If Comic Strip Characters Behaved Like Ordinary People

High Flown Balloons Department:
If Famous Authors Wrote the Comics

"Pop" Goes the Easel Department:
If the World's Great Artist Drew the Comics

Punch in the Noise Department:
Appropriate Comic Strip Sound Effects

Funny Pitches Department:
Future Educational Comic Pamphlets
Shnook ... Up in the Sky Department:
A MAD Look at "Superman"

Doing It Up "Brown" Department:
If "Peanuts" Were a Weekly TV Series

Never On Sunday Pages Department:
The Comic Characters' Christmas Party

Someday Supplement Department:
Comics For Publications That Don't Have Comics

With a Little Bit of Puck Department:
If Comic Strip Artists Drew Editorial Cartoons

True-To-Form Department:
Tell-Tale Comic Strip Balloons

You Kent Win 'Em All Department:
A Super Opportunity

The Yellowed Kid Department
If Comic Strip Characters Were As Old As Their Strips

West-Ward-Ho-Ho! Department:
A MAD Look At "Batman"

Installment Overdue Department:
The End of Comics

R.I.P. Kirby Department:
Obituaries For Comic Strip Characters:

Marginal Thinking Department:
"Drawn-Out Dramas" by Aragones

Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, rubbing wear and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 5.50 USD

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Mad Super Special Summer 1982 magazine
4 Mad Super Special Summer 1982 magazine
E C Publications Inc. Summer 1982 Number 39 magazine used 80 pages 
Peck's Bad Boy Department:
"The Omenous" ( A MAD Movie Satire)

Don Martin Department:
Early One Morning Out On the Bay
One Afternoon in Acapulco
One Afternoon While Running an Errand
Early One Morning in South America
One Morning Back On Main Street
One Evening On A Rooftop in Texas
One Monday Afternoon in a Jewelry Store

Ice Pix Department
A MAD Look at Winter

Taking Another Tact Department:
MAD Diplomacy

Mourning Glories Department:
MAD Death Announcements

Berg's Eye View Department:
The Lighter Side of Health Nuts
The Lighter Side of Afternoons

Incident Replay Department:
More What's The Story?

Home-Groan Department:
A MAD Guide to Parental Hang-Ups

Flipped Disc Department:
"A MAD Look At Graduation Day"

Look For the "Union" Army Department:
When Members Of the Armed Forces Join A Union

Parity Begins At Home Department:
Goverment Checks For Not Doing Anything

Broad Humor Department:
"Lavoine & Shoiley" (A MAD TV Show Satire)

Waste Measurements Department:
How Come You Worry About ... When ...?

Athlete's Feat Department:
MAD's Academy Awards For Jocks

Minimum's The Word Department:
If Other Businesses Offered "No Frills" Services

Fool's Paradox Department:
You're An Eternal Optimist If

Joke and Dagger Department:
Spy Vs Spy

Clod-Poppers Department:
Testimonial Roasts For Ordinary People

Progressive Razz Department:
The MAD Like ... Love ... Hate Book

Tele Like It Is! Department:
"Nutwork" (Another MAD Movie Satire

Marginal Thinking Department:
"Drawn-Out Dramas" by Aragones

Condition: Laugh Record insert is missing. Pages are lightly age toned, creased and have corner wear. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 5.50 USD

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The Young Indiana Chronicles #7
5 The Young Indiana Chronicles #7
Dark Horse Comics 1992 comic book used 
The Young Indiana Chronicles #7, by Dan Barry, Gordon Purcell and Ian Akin. Dark Horse Comics. 1992.

Condition: Very good. 
Price: 6.97 USD

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