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Cat Magic, Barry, Jonathan; with Strieber, Whitley
1 Barry, Jonathan; with Strieber, Whitley Cat Magic
TOR (Tom Doherty Associates) 1986 0312931123 / 9780312931124 hardcover with dust jacket used 441 pages, 6 inches by 9 1/2 inches tall 
from the dust jacket: "Whitley Strieber - a grand master of bestselling horror and apocalyptic fiction joins forces with Jonathan Barry - a talented newcomer - to present a brilliant novel that stretches the boundaries of both dark fantasty and horror.

Set in the world of modern America witches, Catmagic is full of action, terror, and wonder, enormously entertaining and profoundly human.

Maywell, New Jersey, is a sleepy little town, the forces around it quiet, until in a laboratory George Walker completes his first experiment in reanimation: He kills an animal and brings it back to life. Next he will try a human subject. But before he does, he and the entire town of Maywell will have to deal with the force his first success unleashes. That force is determined to prevent George's envisioned success. The scientist's work must not continue. And the work must not interfere with the events awaiting for young Amanda Walker.

Amanda, George's niece, is an accomplished illustrator. She's come to town to meet renowned writer Constance Collier, hoping to illustrate Collier's next book. But Amanda is there for someone else's hidden purpose, a purpose arising out of desperate need. It is a need that may require Amanda to enter death itself.

If Amanda succeeds, her life will be changed forever, in ways strange beyond all human knowing.

But Amanda may not be allowed to live long enough to make her choice. Brother Simon Pierce, in his Tabernacle of the Risen Lord, finds himself moved to action against her. The strange object in his pocket is stirring his own dark history into new life.

That history is far longer than Simon knows.

So is Amanda's.

The tale is ancient beyond memory, and in those ages of greatest change it must be relived, in all of its fear and hope, its wisdom and its passion.

One of those times is now."

Condition: Pages are clean. Front endpaper has initials. Dust jacket has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 4.40 USD

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American Vampires, Fans, Victims & Practitioners, Dresser, Norine
2 Dresser, Norine American Vampires, Fans, Victims & Practitioners
W. W, Norton & Company 1989 0393026787 / 9780393026788 hardcover with dust jacket used 255 pages, 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches tall 
from the dust jacket: "Vampires are all-American guys. Having successfully survived their journey from Eastern Europe, they have taken root in American culture where for some people they are entertainment and for others a definite reality. In this fascinating book, Norine Dresser, an folklorist, brings us the fruit of her unique research into the American vampire phenomenon. We meet individuals who enhance their sex lives through imbibing - though in very small amounts - another's blood and who dress and mask themselves as those idolized creatures. And we meet others whose obsession with vampires is confined to viewing endless reruns of "Dark Shadows". That soap opera's legions of fans, their annual conventions, and newletters form a subculture all its own.

American vampires are big business, Dresser reveals; the vampire image occurs frequently in our daily lives - in television and radio commercials, on breakfast cereal boxes, on greeting cards, and, of course, in Halloween costumes. In short, from crib to crypt Americans are bombarded with the vampire icon - amusing, sexually titillating, and, of course, terrifying. Professor Dressler presents her scholarly research with a journalistic flair and wry humor that will appeal to a wide audience of readers."

Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Dust jacket has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 6.60 USD

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