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Our Lovely World, Gilliss, Florence
1 Gilliss, Florence Our Lovely World
C R Gibson and Company 1958 plastic book softcover used 6 1/2 inches by 8 inches tall 
"Plastic Book clean with damp cloth." Condition: Pages have damage to the top outside corners. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, missing piece of top right corner and another along the top edge of the front cover. 
Price: 49.97 USD
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Big Top Pee Wee Life on the Farm, Goodman, Beth
2 Goodman, Beth Big Top Pee Wee Life on the Farm
Scholastic Inc. 1988 0590422081 / 9780590422086 softcover used 32 pages, 8 inches by 8 inches tall 
from the cover: "Based on the movie Big Top Pee-Wee. Pee-wee lives on a farm, but it is not an ordinary farm. His horses make pancakes for breakfast. The gophers play tug-of-war! And when Pee-wee milks the cow, he gets chocolate milk!"

Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 3.00 USD

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Bernoulli's Book, Hixson, B. K.
3 Hixson, B. K. Bernoulli's Book
Salt Lake City, UT The Wild Goose Company 1991 1571560025 / 9781571560025 softcover used 46 pages 
Ages 8 and up.
From the cover: "A collection of 25 experiments that teach the basics of air pressure, Bernoulli's law, and Newton's laws of motion to anklebiters. Airplane designs & rocket patterns included; air sick bags optional.

Topics include air pressure, Bernoulli's Law, Newton's laws of motion, winding up with several airplane designs and a water rocket launcher that shoots 2-liter pop bottles 150 feet into the air.

25 experiments written and explained in plain-old-English, complete with humorous illustrations."

Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
Price: 5.50 USD

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Monera & Protista, Leftwich, Robert
4 Leftwich, Robert Monera & Protista
Milliken Publishing Company 1558635319 / 9781558635319 softcover used illustrated by Larry Weaver 
For Grades 7 to 12. 12 Full-Color Transparencies; 16 Reproducible Pages; and Teacher's Guide.

Blue-Green Algae
Algae Red Line
Algae Brown Line
Algae Green Line
Volvocine Green Line Algae
Slime Molds
Amoeboid Protozoa
Ciliated Protozoa
Sporozoa and Flagellated Protozoa
Unit Test on Monera and Protista

Condition: Light cover wear. Name on first page. Pages are clean and intact. 
Price: 7.15 USD

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Vertebrate Phylogeny, Leftwich, Robert
5 Leftwich, Robert Vertebrate Phylogeny
Milliken Publishing Company 1558635343 / 9781558635340 softcover used illustrated by Larry Weaver 
For grades 7 to 12. Includes: 12 full-color transparencies, 16 Reproducible Pages and Teacher's Guide.

Agnatha and Chondrichthyes
Extinct Reptiles
Extant Reptiles
Prototherian Mammals
Metatherian Mammals
Eutherian Mammals
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
Comparative Vertebrate Embryos
Unit Test on Vertebrate Phylogeny

Condition: Light cover wear. Name on 1st page. Pages clean and intact. 
Price: 7.15 USD

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Quick But Great Science Fair Projects, Levine, Shar; Johnstone, Leslie
6 Levine, Shar; Johnstone, Leslie Quick But Great Science Fair Projects
Sterling Publishing Co. Inc. 2001 softcover used 96 pages illustrated by Emily S Edliq 
from the cover: "Make every experience as fun as it is successful with advice on picking a topic, finding an expert and writing a letter asking for help, writing a report, and presenting and displaying a project - as well as tips on what judges look for and hints for teachers and parents.

Condition: Cover has scratches and edge and corner wear. 
Price: 5.50 USD

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Oregon Wildflowers: A Children's Field Guide to the State's Most Common Flowers, Magley, Beverly
7 Magley, Beverly Oregon Wildflowers: A Children's Field Guide to the State's Most Common Flowers
Interpreting the Great Outdoors 156044035x / 9781560440352 softcover used 32 pages illustrations by DD Dowden 
from the cover: "In Oregon Wildflowers, you'll learn fascinating facts about even the most common wildflowers. For example, did you know that ...
  • Early-day housekeepers swept their floors with brooms made from the branches of the Scotch broom
  • Some people use the milky white juice from the dandelion stem to remove warts
  • Rosehips, the fruit of the wild rose, contain so much Vitamin C that they're used to make vitamin tabletsWhen cooked slowly, the bland berries of the kinnikinnick pop like popcorn."

    Condition: Very good condition. 
    Price: 6.97 USD

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    Pot: What It Is, What It Does, Tobias, Ann
    8 Tobias, Ann Pot: What It Is, What It Does
    Greenwillow Books 1979 0688842003 / 9780688842000 hardcover used, ex library 47 pages illustrated by Tom Huffman 
    From the cover:
    "Pot is a drug.
    Many scientists say that
  • It can be habit-forming
  • It can stunt your growth
  • It can cause brain damage

    Know the facts and you will know what to say when someone offers you a joint!"

    Condition: Ex library book with markings. Cover wear. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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