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Read-Aloud Puppy Stories
1 Read-Aloud Puppy Stories
Wonder Books 1957 paperback used 127 pages illustrated by Crosby Newell 
The Little Lost Puppy
The Puppy Who Found a Boy
Shag, the Shaggy Dog
Little Pup and Big Dog
The Best Pet of All
The Bedtime Puppies
Rusty, the Puppy Who Wanted to Fly
Jamie and His Sooooo-Big Dog
Rubbers for a Puppy
A Dog for Nancy
Puppies Won't Hold Still
The Playful Little Dog
Who Wants Jasper?
Seeing Double
Come Hither, Little Puppy Dog
Who is Terry?

Condition: Pages are age toned and some have creases. Inside front cover has previous owners gift inscription. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 5.23 USD

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Dog!, Andrew, Prudence
2 Andrew, Prudence Dog!
Scholastic Book Services 1973 0590014080 / 9780590014083 paperback used 94 pages illustrated by Trevor Stubley 
Cover: "Why can't I have a dog?" Andrew pleads. For the twentieth time his father explains that dogs aren't allowed in the project where they live. Then, one wonderful day, Andrew finds Scruffy - a hungy, shaggy, little dog that belongs to nobody. Andrew is determined to keep Scruffy - and, somehow, he's going to do it!"

Condition: Moderate wear. 
Price: 3.58 USD

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The Tale of Tawny and Dingo, Armstrong, William H.
3 Armstrong, William H. The Tale of Tawny and Dingo
Harper & Row 1979 0060201134 / 9780060201135 Weekly Reader Books edition hardcover used 44 pages, 6 1/2 inches by 8 inches tall illustrated by Charles Mikolaycak 
Summary: Tawny, the runt sheep of the flock, discovers a friend in Dingo, the dog, and gains an unusual kind of courage and leadership.

Condition: Pages are clean and unmarked. Cover has light soil. 
Price: 4.13 USD

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Big Puppy and Little Puppy, Black, Irma Simonton
4 Black, Irma Simonton Big Puppy and Little Puppy
Holiday House 1960 hardcover with dust jacket used 31 pages, 6 1/2 inches by 9 inches tall illustrated by Theresa Sherman 
An approved selection of Parents' Magazine's Read Aloud Book Club For Little Listeners.

From the dust jacket: "These two pups thought their lot an awfully hard one. But really the only thing wrong was they didn't like themselves enough. Mother Dog patiently listened to their complaining, then told them to go out and see a bit of the world.

They did, and found one surprise after another - especially the friends they made. But most especially the friends they made with themselves.

For the child who is learning to do his own reading, this easy book will prove a treat. It is a neatly plotted story as well as a parcel of chuckles."

Condition: Pages are clean. Dust jacket has creases, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 3.30 USD

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The Soul of Silver Dog, Hall, Lynn
5 Hall, Lynn The Soul of Silver Dog
Random House 1994 0679870512 / 9780679870517 paperback used 125 pages 
from the cover: "Although 14-year-old Cory has a hard time admitting it, she's always been jealous of her younger sister, Bethy, even now. Bethy died over a year ago, but her parents are still obsessed with their grief - and there's now room left for Cory. Can't they understand that she's suffering too?

Then Cory finds solace in Sterling, a champion Bedlington terrier blinded by glaucoma. Helpless and disqualified from competition because he can't see, Sterling needs Cory as much as she needs him. Soon the two are inseparable. Determined to restore some of his glory, Cory begins training Sterling for the one show category open to blind dogs - Agility. And as she helps Sterling to overcome the obstacles on the course, Cory slowly begins to come to terms with her own painful past."

Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 3.00 USD

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Snow Dog, Kjelgaard, Jim
6 Kjelgaard, Jim Snow Dog
Bantam Skylark Publishers 1983 0553152300 / 9780553152302 paperback used 163 pages 
from the cover: "The forest was his home. The black wolf, his natural enemy. The steel-gray Husky was just a puppy when his mother and brother were killed by the black wolf. Alone in the forest, he learned to survive by instinct and native intelligence . . . knowing that one day he would again cross paths with his vicious enemy."

Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, sticker tear and stain, and wear to the corners. 
Price: 3.00 USD

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Little Peewee or Now Open the Box; and Sylvester The Mouse with the Musical Ear, Kunhardt, Dorothy; and Holl, Adelaide
7 Kunhardt, Dorothy; and Holl, Adelaide Little Peewee or Now Open the Box; and Sylvester The Mouse with the Musical Ear
Golden Press 1967 Weekly Reader Children's Book Club edition hardcover used 63 pages 
Two books in one.

Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has bumped corners, light soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 3.85 USD

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Wallace: Glasgow's Immortal Fire Dog, Terhune, Albert Payson
8 Terhune, Albert Payson Wallace: Glasgow's Immortal Fire Dog
The Saalfield Publishing Company 1963 softcover used 6 inches by 8 inches tall illustrated by Robert Doremus 
Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover and pages are loose. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Spine fold is worn and partly split with scotch tape on the lower section. 
Price: 60.50 USD
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