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Armchair General magazine 2014 November
1 Armchair General magazine 2014 November
November 2014 Volume 11 Number 5 magazine used 80 pages 
Armchair General interviews the chairman of the World War I Centennial Commission
Edward: The "Black Prince" - Prince Edward, England's famed Hundred Years' War commander, never lost a battle
The Battle of Cedar Creek - a Confederate triumph turned into a catastrophe for the South in Shenandoah Valley.
Blood on the Border - the U.S.-Mexican War along the Rio Grande River over the disputed Trans-Nueces region

Americans vs. Soviets: Fulda Gap, 1980 - choose the correct plan for an American tank platoon to respond to a surprise enemy attack
Chinese Defense at Shanghai, 1937 - You must lead outnumbered Chinese troops facing the surging Japanese army
Battle on Golan Heights, 1973 - Historical outcome and winning Reader Solutions to Combat Decision Game #63, July 2014 issue
Konev and the Battle for Berlin, 1945 - You must lead 1st Ukrainian Front armies in World War IIs final offensive.

Condition: Creases, wrinkling, edge and corner wear. 
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