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Sea Classics magazine 1968 September
1 Sea Classics magazine 1968 September
Challenge Publications Inc. September 1968 Vol. 1 No. 2 magazine used 70 pages 
Wooden Wonders of Iron Bottom Bay - Torpedo Boat Action from New Guinea to the Solomons
Battle of the Big Guns - The Battle of Jutland
Voyage to Eternity - The Legend of RMS Titanic
Ode to Old Ironsides - The Saga of the U.S.S. Constitution
Seawolves of the Mekong
The Seahawk

Condition: Some pages are lightly age toned. Cover has creases and light wear. 
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Vietnam magazine 2007 August
2 Vietnam magazine 2007 August
Weider History Group August 2007 Volume 20 Number 2 magazine used 66 pages 
Cover Story:
  • Operation Dewey Canyon. One of the most successful Marine offensives of the Vietnam War was also one of the war's most controversial.


  • With Her Eyes Wide Open. War correspondent Dickey Chapelle once prophetically said, "When I die, I want it to be on patrol with the United States Marines"
  • No Tea Party. The British-American strain over Vietnam
  • A Hawk Among Hawks. One of JFK's "Best and Brightest" advised him to consider waging nuclear war in Southeast Asia.


  • News and Events. Recent developments related to the Vietnam War
  • Perspectives. A Vietnam combat infantry veteran reflects on the brotherly love that emerges in the face of war.
  • Fighting Forces. On a nighttime Huey rescue mission, the crew gets a miraculous second chance to defy death
  • Arsenal. The M-551 Sheridan light tank was ill-suited to Vietnam's climate and environment, but with 152mm guns and modifications it still served well
  • Personality. Marine Pfc Dwight Carroll traveled the long road from class clown to American hero.

    Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover has creases, marked out address sticker, and wear to the corners. 
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    Vietnam magazine 2007 June
    3 Vietnam magazine 2007 June
    Weider History Group June 2007 Volume 20 Number 1 magazine used 66 pages 
  • Re-counting the Casualties at Khe Sanh. A Marine veteran of the war's longest battle searches for the truth beyond the official KIA numbers
  • POW Hero Bud Day. The only American prisoner of war to escape North Vietnam missed being rescued by minutes, costing him more than five years in brutal captivity
  • Ghosts of the Ia Drang. A young C-130 navigator comes face to face with the human toll of war
  • Death on the Airwaves. In the face of a human wave attack, an isolated unit's survival hung on the courage of its radio operators


  • News and Events. Recent developments related to the Vietnam War
  • Perspectives. Was Vietnam the most successful war ever fought by the United States?
  • Fighting Forces. Air Force E Flight crews flew sanitized C-130 "ghost planes" to support secret CIA missions across Southeast Asia
  • Arsenal. The obsolescent MiG-17 fighter produced North Vietnam's first jet air-to-air victories
  • Personality. Two Yeats-loving GIs met on a Vietnam mountaintop. As the "horseman passed by," one lived, one died

    Condition: One page has heavy wrinkling and it and another have soiled spots. Cover has creases, marked-out address sticker and wear to the corners. 
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    And Kill Migs: Air to Air Combat in the Vietnam War, Drendel, Lou
    4 Drendel, Lou And Kill Migs: Air to Air Combat in the Vietnam War
    Squadron/Signal Publications 1984 0897470567 / 9780897470568 softcover used 80 pages 
    Scenario for Aerial Combat
    Strike on Canale di Rapides
    Top Gun
    Randy Cunningham
    The First Kill
    The Second Kill
    Third, Fourth and Fifth Kills
    US Navy Mig Killers
    The Voice of Red Crown
    The Enemy
    The Sukhoi Killers

    Condition: Poor condition. Soiled cover, binding wear, creases. 
    Price: 7.97 USD

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    US Infantry - Vietnam, Combat Troops Number 6, Mesko, Jim
    5 Mesko, Jim US Infantry - Vietnam, Combat Troops Number 6
    Squadron/Signal Publications 1983 0897471512 / 9780897471510 softcover used 49 pages illustrated by Amy Harroff 
    Includes black-and-white photos, color plates of the different uniforms worn by the US Infantry in Vietnam, line drawings of the weapons, and more.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 4.40 USD

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