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Armchair General magazine 2014 November
1 Armchair General magazine 2014 November
November 2014 Volume 11 Number 5 magazine used 80 pages 
Armchair General interviews the chairman of the World War I Centennial Commission
Edward: The "Black Prince" - Prince Edward, England's famed Hundred Years' War commander, never lost a battle
The Battle of Cedar Creek - a Confederate triumph turned into a catastrophe for the South in Shenandoah Valley.
Blood on the Border - the U.S.-Mexican War along the Rio Grande River over the disputed Trans-Nueces region

Americans vs. Soviets: Fulda Gap, 1980 - choose the correct plan for an American tank platoon to respond to a surprise enemy attack
Chinese Defense at Shanghai, 1937 - You must lead outnumbered Chinese troops facing the surging Japanese army
Battle on Golan Heights, 1973 - Historical outcome and winning Reader Solutions to Combat Decision Game #63, July 2014 issue
Konev and the Battle for Berlin, 1945 - You must lead 1st Ukrainian Front armies in World War IIs final offensive.

Condition: Creases, wrinkling, edge and corner wear. 
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Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1962 April
2 Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1962 April
April 1962 Vol 1, No. 1 magazine used 50 pages 
Longstreet: Culprit or Scapegoat?
South Carolina Prepared for War in 1851
The Crazy Delawares
To Capture a Great Historic Moment
Last Battle of the War
Jake Donelson, a 'Cocky' Rebel
Special Feature: The Amazing Ordeal of Pvt. Joe Shewmon

Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover ash edge and corner wear. 
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Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1993 May/June
3 Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1993 May/June
Cowles Magazines Inc. May/June 1993 Volume 32 Number 2 magazine used 74 pages 
  • Moral Victory in the Crusade To Clear Mudd. Dr. Samuel Mudd was sentenced to life in prison and almost hanged for conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln. A moot appellate court recently ruled on his conviction. Did Mudd's defense lawyer, the renowned F. Lee Bailey, convince the judges his "client" was innocent?
  • Jeff Davis' Living Tomb. Confederate President Jefferson Davis spend half a year locked in a cramped stone cell at Fort Monroe. Visitors can see that dark chamber and other Civil War-related curiosities at the Virginia fort's Casemate Museum
  • "I'll Live Yet to Dance on That Foot" No man is invulnerable, but some come closer than others. A Civil War Achilees, Colonel Charles Blacknall shrugged off numerous battle wounds and came charging back to the skirmish line, vowing to fight until the south was free.
  • The Beast of New Orleans. Bejamin Butler's most obvious attribute was ugliness, but beneath that repulsive exterior lurked an intelligent, shrewd, and politically well-connected general
  • Custer's Long Summer. With the war all but over, George Custer's Union cavalrymen were ready to return to their families. When sent to Louisiana instead, they began to turn on their superiors. Mutiny loomed.
  • Gunboats of the Upper Tennessee. If Union troops could capture Chattanooga, Tennessee, they might be able to march through Georgia and Alabama and control half the South. But first they would need a gunboat - fast.

    Condition: Pages are lightly age toned and have corner wear. Cover has creases, marked-out address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1993 November/December
    4 Civil War Times Illustrated magazine 1993 November/December
    Cowles Magazines Inc. November/December 1993 Volume 32 Number 5 magazine used 114 pages 
  • While Father Was With Us. An Indiana soldier recalls what happened when his father visited the front in 1862
  • The Great Deceiver. The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Part II of this unique magazine biography looks at what made Forrest the South's most innovative horse soldier and a feared leader of men
  • Gettysburg: A Battle Becomes a Movie.
  • Libblie's Table. The widow Custer prized a table her husband George had given her at the end of the Civil War. Confederate Ulysses S. Grant had signed "the surrender" on it - or had he?
  • Special Book Excerpt: General James Longstreet. During the Civil War, Longstreet was respected by his superiors and men. Later, he was ostracized by old comrades. Was he a good soldier? This book examines the question.
  • Betwixt Wind and Water. It's the battle over a battle. Victors in the fight for Fort Pillow stand accused of murder. It's the story of the "massacre" above Memphis.
  • We Will Stand By You. A slave dealer, a Klansman, a mand accused of allowing the murder of black troops, General Forrest did not appear to be a friend to black Americans. But he thought he was.
  • Georgia's Endangered Gunboats. Visit the Confederate Naval Museum and see two Rebel gunboats on display
  • 'Til the Paper Work is Done. Forms, forms, forms. In duplicate. In triplicate. The Civil War was the first modern paperwork war. Some relics of it survive, as economic collectibles and tools for genealogists.

    Condition: Pages have light age toning, corner wear, and edge tears. Cover has creases, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Cover is coming loose. 
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    Civil War Times magazine 1962 February
    5 Civil War Times magazine 1962 February
    February 1962 Vol. III, No. 10 magazine used 24 pages 
    VMI Cadets
    Hapers Ferry Bridges
    Comic Valentines of the War
    Stonewall's Drunkard Colonel
    Weapons & Equipment: The Knapsack

    Condition: Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has tears, edge and corner wear; front cover has lower outside corner torn off. 
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