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Harvard Business Reports Vol 6
1 Harvard Business Reports Vol 6
A W Shaw Company 1928 Hardcover used 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
Oversized book - international shipping would cost more.
554 pages

Harvard Business Reports Vol 6, 1928, A W Shaw Company, 554 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall, hardcover.

Description: Companies reported on:
American Conveyor Company
Antrim Paper Company
Aran Manufacturing Company
Arjax Company
Arnold Machinery Company
Artificial Leather Distributing Company
Atlan Alcohol Company
Baxtam Machinery Company
Borden Paper Company
Bucklam Box Company
Buckner Textile Machinery Company
Carton Machinery Company
Cathron Company
Chalders Manufacturing Company
Charland Chemical Company
Coffeyville Textile Machinery Company
Eldon Manufacturing Company
Erven Leather Products Company
Everette Elkins Company
Exton Gear Company
Frame Wire Company
Glen Tool Company
Glenister Sprinkler Company
Glenrock Manufacturing Company
Gurnet Corporation
Harltey Company
Holden Company
Lorry Company
McKinney & Company
Manly Elastic Company
Massasoit Leather Company
Maxman-Timball Company
Multiprint Company
Munro-Cliff Company
National Rack Drill Company
Nerlan Company
Neville & Company
Newell Hardware Company
Never Tool Company
Nobel Chain Company
Otway Machinery Company
Paley Truck Company
Priestly, F. R. Company
Prior Automatic Machinery Company
Queensbury Pump Company
Radams Chemical Company
Radio Instrument Company
Raeburn Electric Company
Rubber Wire company
Sallust Alloy Steel Corporation
Shaftesbury J P Company
Sheridan Chemicals Company
Stength Union Company
Symbol Electric Company
Tansey Supplies Company
Tasman Gauge Company
Tiber Body Company
Titon Leather Company
Van Dort Grinding Wheel Company
Wavery Manufacturing Company
Waynax Machinery Company
Westmacott Machinery Company
Wiremold Company

Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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Coaching, Mentoring and Managing, Hendricks, William (edited by)
2 Hendricks, William (edited by) Coaching, Mentoring and Managing
Career Press 1996 softcover used 248 pages, 7 inches by 10 inches tall 
from the cover: "The most valuable - and usually most wasted - resources in your company are the people who work for it. To make the most of these resources in today's business environment, you need more than just "management skills." In this decade of downsizings, layoffs, buyouts and mergers, you are faced with the unique challenges of boosting employee morale, mentoring and team-building - rather than just flexing your authoritarian muscle.

Yes, to get top performance from your people and compete successfully in international markets, you must be more than a boss - you must be a coach.

You might think the ability to be a good coach - to lead people to work as a team and produce winning results - is something that works in theory but not in practical, everyday managing. But everyone can develop the skills, the personal techniques and the attitude to successfully coach other people. Coaching, Mentoring and Managing features the expertise and wisdom of eight of America's most renowned experts on coaching and counseling. Together, they'll teach you how to:

  • Mentor employees to move them from good to great
  • Inspire peak performers to even greater productivity
  • Be a winner and teach others how to win, too
  • Tap into the hidden strengths of each person on your team
  • Use proven counseling techniques to turn problem employees into productive employees
  • Prevent team problems before they happen

    Coaching, Mentoring and Managing offers hundreds of other practical, focused techniques to make you and your team more positive, more productive and more effective. Each chapter is filled with real-world advice and management-changing exercises these professionals have used and developed for organizations just like yours and managers just like you."

    Condition: Pages have creases and corner wear. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 7.70 USD

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    Peasant Cooperatives and Political Change in Peru, McClintock, Cynthia
    3 McClintock, Cynthia Peasant Cooperatives and Political Change in Peru
    Princeton University Press 1981 069102202X / 9780691022024 softcover used 418 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    cover: "Sharing with other radical government leaders - such as Castro, Nyerere, Mao, and Allende - the common goal of developing a new political consciousness in their countries, General Juan Velasco Alvarado claimed to be leading Peru toward a 'fully participatory social democracy' from 1968 to 1975. To determine the extent to which this was true or even feasible, Cynthia McClintock examines Peru's experience with self-management and its effect on the political culture of Peru's peasants. This is the first study to apply to the topics of workplace democracy or change in political culture both 'before' and 'after' sample survey data as well as long-term participant observation.

    The author shows that, within the self-managed enterprises studied, new patterns of political participation and social solidarity did develop and did so rather rapidly. Peasants' loyalties and commitments, however, were focused upon their individual enterprise, and did not extend beyond it.

    Professor McClintock compares Peru's experience with self-management to that of Chile, Mexico, and Yugoslavia, considering social, political, and economic dimensions. She concludes that the greatest problem confronting a reform government is not that of an intractable, traditional, or timid peasantry, but rather that of creating new political and economic structures that offer significant incentives for change."

    Condition: Book is in good condition. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. Highlighting of text. Name on front free endpaper. Spine is faded.

    Price: 11.00 USD

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    How to Get the Best From Your Agency, Salz, Nancy L.
    4 Salz, Nancy L. How to Get the Best From Your Agency
    McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. 2000 0072427655 / 9780072427653 4th edition softcover used 212 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    from the cover: "Since the publication of the first edition of Nancy Salz's classic guide, thousands of marketers like you have gained the insights and skills to work most productively with their ad agencies to ge the best advertising, direct response, promotion and other marketing communications faster, with fewer hassels and often at less cost.

    Now this invaluable book has been extensively revised to include the new media: Web sites, Web advertising other interactive communications.

    You'll discover how to

  • Consistently get your agency's best work
  • Quickly build a collaborative relationship with your agency team by using Salz's seven-step process
  • Lead and motivate your agency at every step of the development process
  • Avoid mistakes that can hinder team productivity
  • Smooth out an occasionally (or frequently) rough relationship

    Make sure the time and money you spend with your agency gets you the best. This popular resource provides the guidance that brand, marketing and communications managers, entrepreneurs and anyone involved with external creative resources need for success."

    Condition: Pages have edge and corner wear. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
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    Working Without a Net, Shechtman, Morris R.
    5 Shechtman, Morris R. Working Without a Net
    Prentice Hall Books 1994 0130262390 / 9780130262394 hardcover with dust jacket used 251 pages 
    from the dust jacket: "Like tightrope walkers suddenly forced to perform without a net, American employees now face a high-risk environment where job security, career advancement, and organizational stability are no longer guaranteed.

    Working Without a Net is the perfect guide to success in this too-familiar corporate culture. It shows you how to let go of outdated and unrealistic expectations and replace them instead with practical, self-motivating "rules of the game" that let establish independence from external forces and foster career and personal growth from within.

    In straightforward, easy-to-understand language, this uplifting guide teaches you the skills and knowledge you'll need to pave your own road to success - no matter what circumstances alter your journey or stand in your way. This amazing book gives:

  • Powerful exercise and techniques that sharpen decision-making, relationship-building, risk-taking, and other critical skills needed to survive in today's high risk culture
  • Growth and success strategies that help you expand your capacity for change, set realistic goals, and cope with unexpected loss and setbacks
  • Guidelines for overcoming common obstacles, such as confused and self-defeating values, lack of accountability, and ill-defined goals
  • Steps for managing conflict and anger, plus advice on where your loyalties should lie in a high risk culture
  • Ways to identify and resolve typical "control" issues in high-stress environments, and forge your way to autonomy and self direction
  • Plus so much more

    With unique insight and far-reaching persepctive, Working Without A Net empowers you to tackle new challenges, new jobs, and new circumstances - expected and unexpected - with confidence and success."

    Condition: Pages are clean. Dust jacket has light wear. 
    Price: 3.00 USD

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