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301 Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine 1974 Fall #20
Handweavers Guild of America Fall 1974 Volume V, Number 4 magazine used 99 pages 
Ida Grae
Textile Students at RIT
Wyoming Golden Fleece Contest
HGA Name Draft Hanging
Thoughts on Apprenticeships
Biennial Report: Responsibility of Growth
Recycling Plastic Bags
Mushrooms Sprout on Cabinet
Tradition in Transition
Inkle Weaving
Commandments For Fiber Manipulators
Good Leadership, Good Workshop
Miniature Cable Car
Show Stoppers
Scholarship Winners Announced
At Museum of Man
Meet Your Directors
Certificates of Excellence
22 Spinning Wheels
Manifold Twills
Laughing Gulls
Gold Arabesque
Bobbin Lace Part 2
Loom in My Tote-Bag
No Weavers Nearby?
Goldenrod Poncho
Modular Weaves Stuffed

Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, speckled soiled spots, rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 8.25 USD

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302 Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine 1976 Summer #27
Handweavers Guild of America Inc. Summer 1976 Volume VII, No. 3 magazine used 102 pages 
Can a Weaver Earn a Living?
The Corn Silk Challenge
Martha Washington's Inaugural Gown
An Easily Constructed Loom from Africa
A Reflection of the Past: Antique Looms
The Yarn Starts Here: photo essay
Enhance with Unspuns
A Short History of the Spinning Wheel
Bringing Freedom to Fibers
Students to Display Diversity: More from the College Campus
Un Uncommon Dyewood: Manzanita
It Still Can Be Beautiful: Although Utilitarian
Jumpsuits, Anyone?
To Dress Your Room: Dress Your Loom
Demonstration Do's and Don'ts
Beiderwand Made Easy:
Sprang and Weaving
The Linens at Old Economy
Bobbin Lace, Part 9, Spiders
Anthrax Sterilization Methods and their Effects on Fibers
Action in Appalachia
Greek Craft Summer, the American Farm School

Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, speckled soiled spots, rubbing wear, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Back cover has piece torn off the top edge. 
Price: 8.25 USD

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303 Mother Earth News magazine 2014 February/March
Ogden Publications Inc. February/March 2014 magazine used 127 pages 
65 Self-Reliance Tips That Will Save You Money
Grow More Food in Less Space (With the Least Work)
Wonderful Wheat: Why This Ancient Staple is Still Good For You
No. 1 Expert Shares Organic Potato Tips
Heritage Backyard Chickens
How to Calculate Gas Mileage
The Dirt on Composters
Homemade Herbal Medicines
Making a Green Choice: Childfree Living

Mother Earth News Online
News From Mother
Beautiful and Abundant: The Ties That Bind
Dear Mother
Green Gazette
Real Food - Olive Oil, Vinegar
Crop at a Glance: Fruit Trees
Homestead Know-How: Guide to Waterfowl
Country Lore: Readers' Tips to Live By
Ask Our Experts
Earth Words - Charles Dickens

Condition: edge and corner wear. 
Price: 6.00 USD

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304 HQ Heritage Quest magazine 1986 July #6
1986 #6 July/August magazine used 128 pages, 8 inches by 10 1/2 inches tall 
Introduction to Allen County Library Fort Wayne Indiana
Before We Left
Beware of Surnames
Genealogical Records and Main Research Policy of the Illinois State Archives
US Government Land Laws in Nebraska 1854-1904
Mexican Surnames
Surname Booklets - A Terrific Idea

Searching for Your Roots in Germany's Lost Territories and European Colonies
Glimpses into History - King Phillips War
Unique for Britain
Do We Need a German-American Surname File?
A Genealogy Notebook
Cherchez Les Cousins
New York Research
Italian-American Genealogy
How to Preserve Genealogical Records Entrusted to You

Condition: Magazine is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
Price: 6.60 USD

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305 Vogue dress tunic, top & pants pattern 1922 sizes 8, 10, 12
Vogue pattern factory folded 
Vogue dress/tunic, top & pants pattern for sizes 8-10-12. Loose-fitting top has mock front bands, shoulder pads, shaped hemline and above elbow sleeves or long sleeves with stitched hems and button pleat. Bias A-line dress, above ankle or dress/tunic, above mid-knee, is semi-fitted. Sleeveless or short sleeves. Tapered pants have front waistband and elastic back.

Condition: Complete and uncut. Wear to the envelope. 
Price: 8.77 USD

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306 Wonders of Man's Creation, Reader's Digest video
Readers Digest Home Entertainment Division 1993 VHS video used 82 minutes playing time 
cover: "When the urge to build conspires with a vision of beauty, man sometimes succeeds in leaving behind an enduring mark on an ever-changing world.

  • The Colosseum, Rome, Italy. Symbol of an entire civilization and an ancient capital's greatest architectural legacy.
  • Machu Picchu, Peru, South America. Mysterious niches long hidden in cloud forests high in the Andes.
  • The Great Wall of China, China. A gigantic stone line snaking across the Asian landscape.
  • The Kremlin, Russia. Protecting the grand churches, cathedrals and palaces of the aristocracy.
  • Versailles, France. Lavish luxury amid the world's most stunning palace and gardens.
  • The Statue of Liberty, New York City, U.S.A. A modern-day colossus symbolizing the American dream.
  • The Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. A remnant of Old World elegance that forever altered Parisians' view of their world.
  • Mount Rushmore National Monument & Chief Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota, U.S.A. Etched in stone, enduring tributes to a nation's heritage."

    Condition: Used but guaranteed. 
    Price: 6.50 USD

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    307 Common Sense and The Declaration of Independence
    Knowledge Products 1985 0938935011 2 cassette tapes used 3 hours playing time 
    Audio book with Common Sense and The Declaration of Independence.

    Common Sense by Thomas Paine. "Common Sense was the best-selling pamphlet in American history. By persuading thousands of Americans to join the cause of independence, it became the inspirational spark behind the American Revolution."

    The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson. "is a brilliant summary of the philosophy and ideas behind the American Revolution. This tightly worded, logical essay has become one of the most famous political documents in American history."

    Condition: Tapes in in good condition. Box is worn. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    308 Fine Woodworking magazine 2001 April #148
    Taunton Press, 2001 April 2001, No 148 magazine used 9 inches by 11 inches tall 
  • Choosing Bandsaw Guides: Blocks, bearings or replacement assemblies: The right choice will improve your saw's performance
  • Don't Blame the Guides if your Blade overheats
  • Six Steps to a Perfect Inlay: a little glue, a sharp knife and a minirouter make inlaying easy
  • How to Match a Finish: New projects sometimes need to blend in with existing furniture
  • Fast and Accurate Table Joinery: A Sheraton-style table comes together easily, thanks to an efficient approach
  • Scrapers Refine Turned Surfaces: some experts say don't use the, but scrapers clean up ridges left by gouges and greatly reduce sanding time
  • Box Joints on the Tablesaw: quick, reliable joinery with a simple jig
  • Seven Jigs for Drilling Cup-Hinge Holes: these small, portable gadgets let you drill 35mm Forstner-bit holes without a drill press
  • Cup hinges simplify door installations
  • Shopmade Squares: four precision tools from a quarter sheet of plastic
  • Testing Joints to the Breaking Point: surprising results surface in an analysis of commonly used furniture joints
  • Wooden Chisel Plane: build this classic tool in an afternoon

    Condition: Ex library copy with all the markings. Good condition. Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Back cover is torn at the bottom of the spine fold. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    309 Quilter's Quilters Newsletter magazine December #425
    December/January 2012 #425 Vol 42 No. 6 magazine used 90 pages 
    Jean Ray Laury: Getting it all Together
    Yvonne Wells: Quilted Messages
    Quilts and Health
    Design Wall
    On the Cover - Jewelled Garden
    Deck the Holly
    Classic Christmas Quilt
    Christmas Wreath
    Tomato Soup and Crackers
    Tropical Radiance

    Condition: Ex library. Creases, edge and corner wear, library markings. 
    Price: 6.50 USD

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    310 Quilter's Quilters Newsletter 2012 June #428
    June/July 2012 Vol 43 No 3 magazine used 90 pages 
    Finding Your Voice
    The Price Was Right
    Peerless: The Magical Mermaid's Castle
    Analysis of What Works
    Just for Fun
    He's a Star Quilter
    Make Peace with Your UFOs
    Design Wall
    On the Cover: America, Let It Shine
    Birds in the Air
    Harmony Flower
    Splendid Windmills
    Flower Power

    Condition: Ex library, creases, edge and corner wear, library markings. 
    Price: 6.50 USD

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    311 McCalls fashion accessories sewing pattern tote, eyeglass cover (P5601)
    McCalls Pattern Company pattern factory folded 
    McCall's Fashion Accessories pattern M5012

    Description: Patterns and instructions for: Tote (15 inches x 11 1/2 inches); checkbook/datebook cover 6 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches); double eyeglass/sunglass case (4 inches by 7 inches); small MP3 player cover (2 inches by 4 inches); large MP3 player cover (2 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches); cell phone case (4 inches by 4 1/2 inches)

    Condition: Uncut factory folded. Envelope is worn 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    312 Creative Needle magazine 1989 May June
    Needle Publishing Inc. May/June 1989 Volume 5 Number 3 magazine used 84 pages 
    Stitching Around the World - Norwegians in America
    Construction Tips
    Tender Buttons - A Shop Dedicated to Buttons
    Fine Machine Sewing - Hemstitching Part II
    Smocking - Lesson One by Mollie Jane Taylor
    Mother's Day - Gifts to Stitch
    French Handsewn Pincushions - Pull-out Pattern and Instructions
    Canada: Western Style - Calgary's Stampede Fashions
    Smock Plate Stampede Stetson by Hope Carr
    Historic Collections
    Linen Handkerchief Case - Designed by Carolyn Walker
    Summer's Juicy Fruits - An Orchard of Picks
    Elizabeth Garrett's Sampler - A SAGA Chapter's Project
    Marion Scoular Instructs

    Condition: Age toning to the edges and wear to the edges and corners. Writing on front cover. Pull-out pattern section is intact. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    313 Butterick dress pattern 4278 size 20
    Butterick Pattern Service pattern new 
    Sewing pattern for dress in misses size 20. "Loose-fitting dress three inches below mid-knee and evening length has neckline flounce, elasticized waistline, side seam pockets and full length sleeves gathered at cap and into buttoned cuffs with continuous lap opening or sleeveless."

    Condition: New and uncut. Wear to the envelope. 
    Price: 4.40 USD

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    314 Simplicity Gunne Sax skirt top sewing pattern child size 4 (P5625)
    Simplicity pattern factory folded 
    Simplicity Gunne Sax skirt blouse pattern

    Description: Sewing pattern childs size 4. Girls skirt in two lenghts, blouse and quilted vest. Lace-trimmed blouse has button front band, ribbon trimmed yoke, stand-up collar, long set-in sleeves gathered to armholes and buttoned cuffs. Ruffled skirt has V-shaped front waistband, back elastic casings, side seam pockets and lace anr ribbon trim. Bias bound vest has yoke and lace and ribbon trim.

    Condition: Uncut factory folded. Envelope is worn and soiled, back fold-in flap is missing.

    Price: 3.30 USD

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    315 Handwoven magazine 1999 January/February
    Interweave Press January/February 1999 Volume 20 Number 1 magazine used 96 pages 
  • A Passion for Pick-Up
  • Doubleweave Pick-Up - mini-squares add extra detail to pictorial designs
  • Fun with Finnweave - linear designs come alive in this variation of doubleweave pick-up
  • My Visual Approach to Doubleweave Pick-Up - an artist describes how she works from a cartoon
  • A Gallery of Doubleweave Pick-Up
  • Doubleweave Deights - two-layer fabric can be subtle or striking
  • Double-Faced Plain Weave with Overshot Patterning - both faces sparkle with a pattern of dots
  • Blankets, Bedspreads, and Throws - warm cover-ups chase the chill
  • Essentials - How to Judge a Textile Competition
  • People & Places - Leni Joyce: Classic Fabrics for a Modern Market
  • 1998 Handwoven Index

    Condition: Ex library copy with library markings. Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    316 Fine Homebuilding magazine 1985 August No. 28
    Taunton Press August/September 1985 No. 28 magazine used 98 pages 

    Moving into the Attic. Remodeling doesn't have to be a nightmare if you know your needs, plan carefully and choose the right contractor

    Roof Framing Revisited. A graphic way to lay out a roof without using rafter tables

    Cutting Rafters with a Chainsaw

    Plunge-Router Stairs. An adjustable mortising jig simplifies the construction of an open-riser stairway

    The Sears Pre-Cut. A mail-order house for everyone

    Movable Insulation for Skylights. High insulation value and ease of operation ensure maximum energy returns

    A Revamped Victorian. Builder recues a Queen Anne cottage in distress

    Drawing up a Contract. A carefully worded document will prevent costly misunderstandings

    An Annotated Contract Checklist

    A Carved Timber Frame. A first floor of oak timbers embellished with carved details from the 18th century

    Sidewall Shingling. For that authentic Cape Cod look and low maintenance, you can't beat cedar siding

    Building a Rex Roberts House. Simple framing and direct detailing make an affordable, comfortable owner-built home

    The New American Home. A vision of the modern home, by its project architect

    Condition: Soil, creases, edge and corner wear. Spine cover is torn on the bottom. 
    Price: 7.15 USD

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    317 Art of the West magazine 1997 September
    1997 September/October used 96 pages 
    Ken Laager - Taking Aim
    Lorenzo Chavez - Landscape of Emotion
    Ed Morgan - the Beat Goes On
    Julie Jeppsen - Pure Joy
    Howard Post - Memorable Moments
    The Power of the Pencil - Robert "Shoofly" Shufelt, Paul Calle, Sheri Greves-Neilson, Bill Owen, Patricia Dobson, Loren Entz, Don Greytak, Lorrie Beck, Carrie Fogwell Ballantyne, and Larry Bees discuss the appeal and challenges of pencil art.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean - some have creases. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    318 Rod Action magazine 1984 October
    Challenge Publications Inc. October 1984 Volume 13, Number 10 magazine used 96 pages 
    Of Rodding Interest:
    All Those Brake Kits - A braking tradition
    The Last Days of a Great Ride
    Cowtown Nationals

    Rodders Rods:
    Just Lumbering Along - '34 Ford Roadster
    Quite an Undertaking - '35 Chevy Sedan Delivery
    Star-Spangled '47 - '47 Ford Pickup
    Wood is Good - '40 Ford Woody
    Looks Can Be Deceiving - '34 Ford Roadster

    Rod Action Invoice:
    One Way
    Two Way
    Wire Works
    Over the Shoulder
    Rod Routes
    Loading One

    Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover has creases, soil, marked-out address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.80 USD

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    319 Rod Action magazine 1987 April
    Challenge Publications Inc. April 1987 Volume 16, Number 4 magazine used 90 pages 
    Of Rodding Interest:
    Brace Yourself - Adding bonnet stability
    Tech Spec: Fuel Injection
    Long's Car Shop - A Southern Source for Streetrods

    Rodders Rods: Mother Skunk - '35 Chevy Sedan
    "A" Truck - '29 Ford Model A Pickup
    The Snider Special - '40 Chevy Two-Door Sedan
    Nuthin' Fancy - '34 Ford Three-Window Coupe
    Safety in the Long Run - '34 Ford Victoria
    The Lost Convertible - '40 Ford Convertible

    Rod Action Invoice:
    One Way
    Two Way
    Wire Works
    Loading Zone
    Fueling Around
    Rod Routes

    Condition: Pages are age toned and have corner wear. Last page has the corner torn out where a coupon was removed. Cover has address sticker torn off the front, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    320 Butterick sewing pattern 7157 for 17" doll clothes
    The Butterick Company sewing pattern used 
    Butterick vintage sewing pattern 7157 for making coat, hat, dress, sundress, housecoat, petticoat and panties for 17" dolls (10" breast).

    Condition: Pattern is cut but complete. Envelope is worn, has creases and tears. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    321 Home Power, The Hands-On Journal of Home-Made Power #37
    October/November 1993 Issue #37 magazine used 128 pages 
  • Handmade Hydro Homestead. Eighteen years ago Matt Olson built this thirteen foot overshot water wheel for electric power. It makes 2000 watts of regular 120 vac, 60 cycle housepower. This hydro cost Matt less than $250 through diligent recycling and mountain man engineering.
  • A Kitchen in the Sun. Take a look at eight different designs in HP's solar cooking contest.

    Go Power:
    Racing Solar Panel Design. the construction of The Solar Eagle's (a sunlight powered racer) PV array.

  • Catching the Dream. Rick Proctor gives hard data about electric vehicle performance and efficiency in two major races.
  • Relaunching the Esther. Richard Orawiec and LeRoy Wolins tell of their adventures restoring the good ship Esther (1896) back to her original electric power. Included are details and historical info on marine electric propulsion.
  • The Silent Revolution. Michael Hackleman introduces our new GoPower section on alternative transportation.
  • Marine Electric Propulsion. Michael Hackleman discusses technical aspects of powering a boat with an electric motor.
  • Electric Car Speed Control Systems. Shari Prange discusses different technologies that control the speed of an electric vehicle's drive motor.

    RE Systems.

  • PV in the City. Burke O'Neal and Ben Fiore describe the solar electric system they installed in their rented apartment. You don't need a country homestead, just a great landlady
  • From Darkness to Light with the Power of the Sun. Read how a single PV module changes the life of the Piyasena Family in Sri Lanka


  • Tower Economics 101. Mick Sagrillo gives the hard economic facts about wind generator performance and tower height. Learn how wind speeds vary with ground cover and height.
  • Using Magnetic Field to Change Voltages. Dr. Kluge and his ducky buddies give a short course in the bucks and boosts of DC to DC power conversion. Learn how linear current boosters work
  • Phantom Loads. Learn how inoperative American appliances consume more power than the countries of Greece, Peru and Vietnam. Don't let Phantom Loads suck your battery dry


  • Berkeley Thermonuclear Paraboloid. Learn how to build a solar parabolic cooker that cooks hot enough and fast enough to make popcorn. Construction cost? Under 25 bucks
  • Build a Simple Buck Regulator. Chris Greacen shares his design for making 12 VDC in a 24 VDC or higher system.


  • GoPower Editorial. Michael Hackleman tells about REDI in Willits, California
  • Power Politics. Michael Welch discusses federal energy subsidies and the societal costs of energy
  • The Grid Man Cometh. Bob-O Schultze looks at the effects of utility-leased offgrid PV systems.
  • Code Corner. John Wiles discusses cables and currents. Learn what type of wire and cable should be applied in your system
  • Back to the Basics. Therese Peffer gets into small rechargeable batteries.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases, cup ring, surface tears, address sticker. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    322 Old West magazine 1985 Fall
    Western Publications Fall 1985 Volume 22 No. 85 magazine used 66 pages 
    The Blood-Spattered Trail of Milton J Yarberry
    The Mormon Rebellion
    Up Red Dog Way
    Oregon's Lost Mint (A federal mint at The Dalles)
    The Redoubtable Billy Barker
    James Family Portrait
    The Feudal Baron of Calabasas (Miguel Leonis, southern California)
    Survival at Fossil Creek (Cheyenne attack on Kansas plains)
    The Shannon-Fisher War
    "Trouble" Was His Middle Name (cattleman Frank Bryant)
    The Toublesome Corpse
    Young Diamondtails and Good Old Boys

    Condition: Edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 10.97 USD

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    323 Old West magazine 1965 Fall
    Western Publications Fall 1965 Volume 2 No. 1 magazine used 96 pages 
    Life Among the Piutes - Book Bonus
    A Texan Hits the Pampas
    Blacksmiths and Goldbugs
    When Bullock's Cowboys Hoorahed the Potomac
    $200,000 Cache?
    Old Buttermilk
    First Blood
    Lucky Bill Gets the Noose
    No Peace for Conquerors
    Bass Outlaw - The Little Wolf
    No Re-Ride
    The Passing of Cloud Dancer
    Cowboys and Horses
    Old West Short Features
    On This Day
    Western Book Roundup
    Let 'Er Rip

    Condition: Cover is in poor condition with tears, address stickers, creases, and coming loose from the page block. Pages are age toned and have edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 10.97 USD

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    324 The Artist's Magazine, March 1999
    F&W Publications Inc. March 1999 Vol 16 No 3 magazine used 104 pages 
  • Putting the "Life" in Wildlife - Famed animal artist Guy Coheleach identifies the visual cues that can improve your wildlife art
  • Finding Your Comfort Zone - Unlock the door to your personal painting approach by answering these four key questions
  • Great Paintings by Design - Learn to use shapes to create masterful compositions that grab - and hold - the viewers eye
  • Zeroing in on Vibrant Color - Explore an easy-to-use, two-pronged approach that lets you build dazzling watercolors every time
  • Crosshatch Your Way to Better Art - Create convincing, energetic images with this simple traditional drawing technique
  • Building Figures with Abstract Shapes - Expand your creative horizons with this versatile mixed-media process
  • Finding Inspiration in the Ordinary - Joseph Michetti reveals his secrets for transforming everyday scenes into compelling, photorealistic images
  • Redefining the Limits of Colored Pencil - Five of today's top colored-pencil artists demonstrate how they stretch the boundaries of the medium


  • Art Clinic - Improve your work by clarifying your intent before you begin to paint. Here's how.
  • The Drawing Board - Learn to use simple rules of perspective to draw tiles and paving stones that appear to lie flat
  • Speaking of Art - Discover the shortest route to a free, loose painting approach
  • Business - Give your marketing plan greater punch with this five-step plan for creating a successful artists' bio.
  • Technical Q&A - Advice on mixing neutral grays and using a painting medium
  • Brushing Up - Explore five tips for using opaque white with watercolor
  • Master Class - How Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec bent compositional rules to create an unsettling feeling for At the Moulin Rouge.

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and front lower corner torn off. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    325 The Artist's Magazine, November 2003
    F&W Publications Inc. November 2003 Vol 20 No 11 magazine used 96 pages 
  • Layer On, Lift Off - Discover a simple secret for adding new layers of depth and texture to your watercolors
  • A Singular Sensation - Pen and ink gives Ted Washington the value contrast he craves in his paintings
  • Animal Nature - Tips and techniques for painting wildlife that's full of vitality and life
  • Getting Close - Pay attention to the details and discover a more intimate form of landscape painting
  • The Explosive Landscape - Get physical with your paint to bring powerful drama to your landscapes
  • A Gorgeous Glaze - Give your still life subjects a rich depth by using a craftsman's glazing techniques
  • The Cream of the Crop - See what the best pastel artists from around the country are up to in this guide to society winners


  • Brushing up - Five easy steps for painting silver- and gold-colored objects
  • Color Corner - Discover a foolproof formula for creating color harmony in all your paintings
  • The Drawing Board - How constructively drawing from your imagination can improve your rendering skills
  • Art Clinic - Keys for making sure your light source shines consistently throughout your composition
  • Business - Tips on determining and setting the right prices for your paintings
  • Master Class - Opposites do attract: Find out how to make contrast work as well for as it did for Sir Peter Paul Rubens

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and bottom front tear. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    326 Creative Needle magazine 1989 Jan Feb
    Needle Publishing Inc. January/February 1989 Volume 5 Number 1 magazine used 84 pages 
    A Reflection of the Heart - Smocked and Embroidered Valentine Delights
    Designer Jewelry - One-of-a-Kind Neckwear
    French Handsewn Nightgown - Pattern and instructions
    Houston Blooms - Fashions of the Season
    Easter Baskets - Instructions for Lining Baskets
    CN Interview - Cindy Foose and Hope Carr
    Fancy Stitch Faux Lace - Cameo Lace Continued
    Fine Machine Sewing - Shadow Work Scallops
    Creative Needle Index 1985 though 1988 Continued
    Stitching Around the World - Paris
    Historic Collections
    Marion Scoular Instructs
    Construction Tips
    Smock Plate Bearly Loveable by Doris Baldwin

    Condition: Marked out address sticker on front cover. Age toning to the edges and wear to the edges and corners. Pull-out pattern section is intact. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    327 Priscilla Doilies to Crochet book 324
    Coats & Clark’s O. N. T. Threads 1956 book no. 324 Booklet Used 15 pages 
    Setting sun
    Shooting star
    Windmill wings
    Spanish fan
    Thistledown pineapple scroll

    Condition – cover has creasing, rubbing wear, & bent corners 
    Price: 7.70 USD

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    328 The Decorative Painter magazine 2003 Nov/Dec
    Society of Decorative Painters 2003 Volume 31 No 6 magazine used 120 pages 
    Projects, Lessons & Developing Skills:
    Frosty Friend - acrylic
    All-Season Zhostovo - acrylic
    Christmas Eve Delivery - acrylic
    Pink Poinsettia - watercolor
    Autumn Days - acrylic
    Sweet Treats - acrylic
    Tradition Meets Whimsy - acrylic
    Santa's Nightcap - acrylic
    Holiday Pearls - acrylic
    Dark & Loose vs Light and Refined - oil
    Tulip Inspirations - acrylic
    One Stroke Elegance - acrylic
    Angel Bear - acrylic
    Snowy Surprise - acrylic
    Christmas Roses - oil
    Red & Green Jubilee - acrylic
    Snowman Greeting - acrylic

    Condition: Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has creases and edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 7.15 USD

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    329 The Decorative Painter magazine 2003 March/April
    Society of Decorative Painters March/April 2003 Volume 31 Number 2 magazine used 120 pages 
    Projects, Lessons & Developing Skills:
    Scrollwork Delight - acrylic
    Victorian Impressions - acrylic
    Breezy Brunch - acrylic
    Tackling Tackle - oil
    The Garden Bench - acrylic
    Hydrangeas & Silver - watercolor
    Floored Art - oil
    Folk Art Frolic - acrylic
    Rose & Vine - acrylic
    Li'l Hatchlings - acrylic
    Gardenia - acrylic
    Carnevale Magic - acrylic
    Soft & Peachy - oil
    Forever Toile - acrylic
    Elegant Lettering - acrylic

    Condition: Pages haved creases and edge and corner wear. Cover has creases, and edge and corner wear. Spine fold is torn on the bottom up to the lowest staple. Back cover is torn and has address sticker. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    330 Shadows
    Playboy Paperbacks 1980 0872167518 mass market paperback used 223 pages 
    "Award-winning collection of hair-raising stories". Edited by Charles L. Grant.

    Introduction - Charles L. Grant
    Naples - Avram Davidson
    The Little Voice - Ramsey Campbell
    Butcher's Thumb - William Jon Watkins
    Where All the Songs are Sad - Thomas F. Monteleone
    Splinters - R. A. Lafferty
    Picture - Robert Bloch
    The Nighthawk - Dennis Etchison
    Dead Letters - Ramsey Campbell
    A Certain Slant of Light - Raylyn Moore
    Deathlove - Bill Pronzini
    Mory - Michael Bishop
    Where Spirits Gat Them Home - John Crowley
    Nona - Stephen King

    Condition: Pages are age toned. Spine is tilted and creased. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 3.00 USD

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    331 Fine Cooking magazine 2000 November
    The Taunton Press October/November 2000 074851649046 Issue 41 magazine used 94 pages 
    Pulling Together a Stellar Thanksgiving Dinner
    Deliciously Tender Vegetable Compotes
    Making Hearty Meat Sauces for Great Fall Dinners
    Meaty Portabellas Make a Meal
    The Classic Quiche Is Back
    Master Class: Sole & Scallop Timbales
    Three Sweet Breads from One Simple Dough
    With Cutting Boards, More is Better
    Baking Homey Apple Desserts

    Condition: Very good used condition. 
    Price: 9.35 USD

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    332 Tournaments Illuminated magazine 1991 summer issue 99
    The Society for Creative Anachronism Summer 1991 A.S. 26, Issue #99 magazine used 48 pages 
    In the Kitchen:
    A Prettie Conceit - An arrangement of sugared and marzipan grapes
    A Not-So-Dainty Dish - A sensible (and period!) addition to your feast gear
    A Soup of Mushrooms with Leeks - Being a modern adaptation of an ancient recipe

    At the War:
    Let the Buyer Beware - How to avoid starving at Pennsic and still get what you want
    How to Succeed at Pennsic Troll Booth - The real Pennsic Troll rules

    Scholary Pursuits:
    Late Medieval Rosaries - The many varieties of rosaries made in the late Middle Ages
    If It Please Your Worship - respect not worship, prompted this period form of address
    The Flame - poem
    Sundials - an elegant addition to a period campsite

    Life in the Society:
    Creating the Special Interest Newsletter - a thorough explanation for those interested in starting a newsletter
    So You Want to Run a Demo - Whether you want to run a demo or just get involved

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 7.70 USD

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    333 Martha Stewart Living magazine 1997 July/August #51
    Omnimedia July/August 1997 Number 51 magazine used 172 pages 
  • Cover - Cool linen coverlet in Southampton, New York
  • A Summer Harvest Party - Ina Garten's abundant garden inspires a casual afternoon with friends. With eight recipes, including Ceasar-salad sandwiches and cavatelli with Swiss chard
  • Zinnias - They're a riot of color, the perfect symbol of summer - be brave in your garden and take the plunge
  • Decorating with Linen - Cool and colorful, this sensuous fabric is an easy way to quickly transform a room. With instructions for fifteen projects
  • Peppers and Chiles - The smaller they are, the bigger the bite. A guide to the many varieties, for growing and cooking. With thirteen recipes, including roasted-fresh-pepper salsa, five-chili stew, and mango-and-fresh-pepper chutney
  • Outdoor Lighting - the right illumination, ever so subtle, can be both magical and practical
  • Ask Martha
  • TV Program Guide
  • Good Things - Gift for a griller, tin lanterns, fruit shakes, smoked tomatoes
  • Working - Out of a flower. Rosemary, basil, red rose - can these flowers really be ice cream?
  • Collecting - Fankoma. Distinctive glazes give this mass-produced pottery the handmade look of art pottery
  • Healing - Seasonal allergies - Some alternative remedies to combat the effects of pollen
  • Gardening - Irrigation. How well you water decides the success of your garden
  • Cooking - Pepper techniques. A wold of choices for the cook, from powders to pastes
  • Fit to Eat - Low fat cold soups. Six for the season, including roasted tomato and strawberry peach

    What to Have For Dinner
    The Recipes
    The Guide

    Condition: Pages are clean. Pull-out recipes cards are intact. Cover has creases, surface tear from address sticker removal, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    334 Sea Classics magazine 1984 November
    Challenge Publications Inc. November 1984 Vol 17 No 6 magazine used 83 pages 
  • Dakar: The Battle for an African Queen. Churchill wanted a sea victory but the French had other ideas.
  • Duel to the Death. The tragic victory of the SS Stephen Hopkins
  • Stephen Hopkins Epilogue. The bittersweet finale of a dramatic sea battle
  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. The U.S. Merchant Marine gave their all in World War Two
  • Salute to the Gallant Liberty Ships. They carried the goods of war to every port
  • Wartime Life in the Safety Lane: Part 2. Sometimes a merchant crew wondered who the enemy really was.
  • Ship Killer. How the French EXOCET missile was used in the Falklands
  • Many a Lonely Watch. A young merchant seaman's recollections of his first wartime voyage
  • Barnstorming with Submarine Missiles. Early experiments with the LOON missile
  • Ordeal in the Pacific. The massacre of a Liberty ship crew by the Japanese 1-8


    Condition: Pages are lightly age toned. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    335 Kids Explorer, Tell Me Why, Flight
    The Marshmallow Marketing Corporation 1999 VHS video used 30 minutes playing time 
    box: "An Award-Winning unique video encyclopedia based on the book series by Arkady Leokum, Tell Me Why answers questions asked by children in an informative, easy to understand manner aided by incredible visuals. This volume answers questions children ask about flight. Included are questions such as: Why can't man fly? What is flight? What is Kitty Hawk? What is a biplane? What is the X-15? What is a Vertol? What is a Rocket? What are satellites? What is the Apollo Program? What is the Mercury Program? What is Project Gemini?"

    Condition: Used but guaranteed. 
    Price: 4.40 USD

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    336 Kids Explorer, Tell Me Why, Origins
    The Marshmallow Marketing Corporation 1999 VHS video used 30 minutes playing time 
    box: "An Award-Winning unique video encyclopedia based on the book series by Arkady Leokum, Tell Me Why answers questions asked by children in an informative, easy to understand manner aided by incredible visuals. This volume traces the beginnings of civilization and government. Included are questions such as: When did civilization begin? When did people begin to make homes? How did cooking begin? How did democracy originate? How did our Laws originate? How did trial by jury begin? How did income tax start? When was the first fire department? How did the postal system start?"

    Condition: Used but guaranteed 
    Price: 4.40 USD

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    337 Teach Yourself to Knit the Easy Columbia Minerva Way
    Columbia Minerva softcover used 48 pages 
    from the book: "Our self-teaching knitter's manual takes the "Great Mystery" out of becoming a knowing knitter. Large, detailed step by step diagrams take you by the hand from casting on your very first stitch through knitting, purling, patterns, shaping and completing your very first project in this relaxing and rewarding hobby. To eliminate any complicated, technical-sounding instructions we have omitted any abbreviations or 'short-cut' phrases that only experts may understand.

    To Cast On
    To Knit
    To Purl
    To Bind Off
    To Pick Up Dropped Stitches
    How to Knit a Cable Stitch
    Popular Stitches

    Garter Stitch Scarf and Pony Tail Hat
    Dog Blanket
    Cable and Garter Stitch Hat and Collar
    Reversible Mittens Made on Two Needles
    Embroidered Headband
    Embroidered Mittens
    Men's Socks
    Man's Scarf
    Ribbed Heelles Socks
    Plaid Mittens
    Cable Mittens
    Boy's Helmet cap
    Child's Drawstring Bag and Hat
    Women's or Teen Age Bootee
    Plaid Headband
    Cable Headband
    Infant's Three Piece Set
    Womens Scarf
    Woman's Raglan V-Neck Pullover
    Teenage Slipover with turtle neck collar
    Woman's Boatneck Slipover
    Men's Boatneck Slipover
    Men's Sleeveless Slipover
    Garter Stitch Cardigan
    Raglan Cardigan
    Raglan Pullover
    Garter Stitch Afghan
    Garter Stitch Pillow

    Condition: Pages have soil, edge and corner wear. Cover has creases, tears, soil, and wear to the edges and corners 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    338 Threads magazine 2008 November #129
    The Taunton Press November 2008 No. 139 magazine used 90 pages 
  • Cover Story - For the Love of Buttons - Have you ever wondered if you have any valuable buttons in your collection?
  • Gussets in Facings - Put these diamond-shaped inserts anywhere you need a little extra fabric
  • Treat, Store & Treasure It - Preserve your precious garments using safe long-time storage methods
  • For a Personalized Fit, Grade It - Resize your patterns to make perfect pants
  • Behind the Seams at Chado Ralph Rucci - Meet the new master of detail
  • Sewing Salvation - If you find yourself behind the eight ball, you can still call the shots

    Pattern Review
    Fundamentals - seam finishes for silk
    Embellishments - Silk-screening fabric
    On the Road - Copenhagen
    Master Class - master the sleeve placket
    Embroidery Essentials - tribal art inspires designs
    Material World - beggar's cloth

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    339 Old West magazine 1965 Spring
    Western Publications Inc. Spring 1965 Volume 1 No. 3 magazine used 96 pages 
    Final Half of Gold Trails of 1898 - Book Bonus
    Letter Rip!
    The Most Dangerous Game
    The Man Who Brought It Back
    The Other Side of the Mountain
    Not the Will of God
    Blizzard Trail
    Outlaw Queen
    My Son is Dead
    The Man Who Was Buried Standing Up
    Longrope's Last Guard
    Ghostly Belmont
    Hellacious Young Hellion
    Ostrich Stampede
    Gauntlet Gloves
    The Mysterious John Ringo
    Wild and Wooly
    Legend of the Longhorns
    Perpetual Motion Clock
    Stew for Uncle Monty
    On This Day

    Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has address sticker, creases and edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 10.97 USD

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    340 American Artist magazine 2000 February #691
    BPI Communications Inc. February 2000 Vol 64, Issue 691 magazine used 80 pages 
  • Methods & Materials: Painting with Knives - Using different types, shapes, and sizes of knives, artists can learn new techniques for laying in color
  • Expressing the Inexpressible - An "artist's artist," John Henry Twachtman quietly influenced American Impressionism with landscapes of subtle but intense emotion
  • The Pastel Page: The True Color of Contrast - Still-life artist Mary Padgett makes complements and contrasts her subject matter
  • The Watercolor Page: Marking Time: Three Millennial Series - This artist addresses the future by referring to history and preserves her millennial anxiety in three series of paintings
  • Painter of Champions - Florida artist Anthony M Alonso stumbled upon inspiration 25 years ago and has been painting it ever since, revealing the excitement and beauty of thoroughbred horse racing
  • Wildlife in Wild Landscapes - Mel Fillerup's on-site sketches of wild animals in their natural habitats are essential to his Western landscapes
  • A Life in Serigraphy - With an elaborate study in acrylic and dozens of intricate stencils, master printmaker Anne Senechal Faust documents birds from around the world

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and blacked out address sticker. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    341 American Cage Bird magazine 1993 February
    American Cage Bird Magazine Inc. 1993 Volume 65, No. 2 magazine used 102 pages 
    Tips and Tricks for Canary Breeding
    Parrots and Other Hookbills
    Finches in Aviculture
    Dr. Vriends on Birds
    Maroon-Bellied Conures
    Down Memory Lane
    Bright Red Canaries
    Recuing Lost Parrots
    When to Visit a Veterinarian
    Lighting and Breeding
    Canary Commentary
    World of Budgerigars
    They Don't Make Finches Like That!
    American Singer Notes
    Show Winners
    To the Editor
    High School Pet Shop Course
    Directory of Bird Societies
    Show Dates
    The Lost Homing Pigeon
    Baby It's Cold Outside
    Improving Aviary Management Practices
    A to Z of Australian Finches

    Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    342 American Cage Bird magazine 1992 August
    American Cage Bird Magazine Inc. August 1992 Volume 64 No. 8 magazine used 102 pages 
    The Gouldian Finch
    Colony Breeding Budgies
    Hand-Rearing Lovebirds
    Parrots and Other Hookbills
    The Domestic Hartz Canary
    Show Winners
    Exotic Cage Birds
    Show Dates
    Breeding the Livingston Touraco
    A to Z Australian Finches
    I Believe in Heat
    About Cockatiels
    World of Budgerigars
    Living with Parrots
    Aviculture Medicine
    The Marajo Amazon
    To the Editor
    Down Memory Lane
    Canary Commentary
    Canaries During the Show Season

    Condition: Pages have corner wear. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    343 Stretch & Sew Pattern 343 square armhole blouse
    Stretch & Sew Inc. 1983 pattern factory folded 
    Sewing pattern for square armhole blouse in bust sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46. "This blouse features square armholes, with long gathered sleeves, and a pleated back. Topstitching outlines the yoke, collar with collar stand, upper left pocket and shirttail hem.

    Suggested fabric: light to medium weight woven or knit fabric with 25% or less stretch."

    Condition: new and uncut. Wear to the envelope. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    344 Old Mill Yacht Club Seafood Recipes
    self-published, Old Mill Yacht Club, Garibaldi, Oregon 1991 plastic comb binding Used 112 pages 
    Appetizers and dips
    Batters, brines and marinades
    Soups and salads
    Main dishes
    White fish

    Cover has light creasing, bent corners, edge wear, and soil. Pages are clean. 
    Price: 9.87 USD

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    345 Fleisher's Hand Knit Socks 1950
    Fleisher Yarns, Inc. 1950 Magazine Used 31 pages 
    Socks for the men folk - 9 designs
    Dpsiral socks for men, women and children
    - 1 design
    Loungin socks for the entire family
    - 3 designs
    Heavy socks for extra warmth - 1 design
    Practical accessorie for warmth - 2 designs
    Girl's classic sport socks - 3 designs
    Socks for small fry - 2 designs

    Condition - Very worn copy, Moisture wrinkling, cover has creases, edge wear and bent corners, rubbing wear throughout the magazine, as well as soiled spots, 4 pages with damp pink stain 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    346 Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 4
    Leisure Arts 2002 1574862545 softcover used 160 pages, 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches tall 
    from the cover: "Christmas is truly a magical time of laughter, love and giving gifts from the heart, and in Gooseberry Patch Christmas Book 4 we've gathered everything you'll need for the happiest of holidays! Kids big and little will love making whimsical mitten stockings and snowman pillows . . . they're oh-so easy. Deck the halls with snowy sap buckets or a patchwork Santa wall hanging and greet friends with a cheery Christmas welcome mat.

    Yummy gifts from the kitchen are ready in no time . . . gift mixes like Chocolatey-Peanut Butter Cookie Mix or Sweet Apple Buckle Mix are always a welcome treat, along with Heavenly Fudge, Cashew Brittle or Microwave Peach Butter. Filled to the brim with tasy dishes like Cranberry Pork Roast, Scallops & Shrimp with Linguine, Butternut Squash Soup, Herbed Rice Rilaf, Feather Rolls, Maple-Spice Pecan Pie and a beautiful Checkerboard Cake means this holiday collection of recipes will guarantee lots of festive feasting!

    There's no better time for making memories, so snuggle in by the fire, take a peek inside and get ready for the merriest Christmas of all!"

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean, some have bent corners. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    347 Better Homes and Gardens WOOD magazine 1995 September #81
    William R Reed September 1995 Issue No. 81 Magazine Used 96 pages 
    Classic canoe craftsmanship
    Collector's coffee table
    Big-top extravaganza
    Up-to-the-minute clock
    Whale of fortune
    Best of the bunch
    Gardner's gold mine
    Shellac-one old way to perfect finish
    Customized sanding-supply center
    Letter-perrfect loon

    Condition – cover has creasing, rubbing wear, & bent corners, wood pattern still intact 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    348 Butterick top and skirt sewing pattern misses sizes 14, 16, 18 (P5694)
    Butterick pattern factory folded 
    Butterick misses top and skirt pattern B4125

    Description: Sewing pattern to make Misses' top and skirt. Pullover, lined bias top with back keyhole opeing, button and thread loop closure and asymmetrical front. View A is sleeveless with top stitching detail. View B, C have sleeve length variation. Bias skirt is A-line, above ankle with waistline elastic casing. Misses sizes 14, 16, and 18.

    Condition: Uncut factory folded. Envelope has writing on the front and highlighting on the back.

    Price: 3.85 USD

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    349 Crocheted Doilies pattern Design 7229
    fold-out leaflet used 
    "This pattern contains directions for two matching crocheted doilies worked in combination of the pineapple design and shell stitches. Doilies may be combined to form luncheon and buffet sets. Use either fine of heavy cotton.

    Condition: Creases. Lightly age toned. Edge and corner wear. 
    Price: 3.00 USD

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    350 Crocheted Doilies pattern Design 7230
    fold-out leaflet used 
    "This pattern contains directions for three matching little doilies; all easy to make; all different in shape. Use either fine or heavy cotton."

    Condition: Paper is lightly age toned. Creases and wear to the edges and corners. Deep scratch in paper by photo. 
    Price: 3.00 USD

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    351 American Patchwork & Quilting magazine #65
    Better Homes and Gardens/Meredith Corporation December 2003 magazine used 104 pages 
    Slice and Dice - fast and fun piecing
    Antique Baskets - piece traditional basket blocks
    Rebecca's Baskets - hand-quilt a classic basket wall hanging
    Double Blue Delight - piece and applique vertical strips
    Pieced Heart Ornaments - assemble flannel and tree decorations
    Snowman Cafe Curtain - fuse and applique a window treatment
    Log Cabin Pincushion - stitch holiday party favors
    Stocking Pillows - sew dimensional decor
    Four-Patch Fox and Geese - rotary cut a cozy throw
    Classic Two-Color Treasure - reproduce a vintage quilt

    Then and Now - designer Bettina Havig
    Comfort and Joy - four California quilters decorate their homes for the holidays

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. Pull-out pattern section is intact 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    352 The Artist's Magazine, June 2002
    F & W Publications Inc. June 2002 Vol 19 No 6 magazine used 80 pages 
  • Animal Instincts - to give your wildlife art a dynamic flair, immerse yourself in the great outdoors, then apply that same bold spirit as you paint. by Julie T. Chapman
  • Simply Riveting. Focus on the details to paint watercolors with power and mystery
  • Whatever It Takes - Donald Patterson shares the tools it takes to create a winning painting.
  • Down by the Sea - Capture the drama of the coastline by taking the time to make a personal connection with your subject
  • Just a Moment - How Margaret Dyer brings out the best in her models by keeping them in their element
  • The Workshop Rounds - Four top workshop instructors spill the beans about what goes on during their classes
  • Acrylic Essentials - Take an in-depth look at the tools and techniques you need to know for working with acrylics

    Color Corner - Easy tips on how to mix convincing shadows for your yellow hues

  • Creativity Toolbox - Set the mood for inspiration with these six fun warm-ups you can do before painting.
  • Art Clinic - Alternate curves with angles to add excitement to your compositions
  • Business - Support your selling efforts by starting and keeping a mailing list.
  • The Drawing Board - Create a full range of values in your drawings by using a stump as a blending tool.
  • Brushing Up - Basic techniques to help you keep all viewers' eyes centered on your painting's focal point
  • Master Class - Fill your paintings with music by taking note of Whistler's compositional techniques

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has creases, blacked out subscription information. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    353 McCall's childrens pattern for shirt, vest, skirt and pants 8435 size 3
    The McCall Pattern Company 1983 pattern factory folded 
    Sewing pattern for childs shirt, vest, skirt and pants in size 3. Buttoned shirt has stand-up collar, long sleeves with gathered cap gathered into buttoned cuffs or short ruffled sleeves. Reversible buttoned vest has contrast patch pockets to match reverse side, and ties. Gathered skirt has elastic in back casing, front waistband, side seam pockets with opening in left side, and lower tucks; contrast hemband is optional. Cuffed pants have patch pockets, front zipper, elastic in back casing and front waistband. Vest, skirt and pants have optional bias tape trim.

    Condition: New and uncut. Writing and wear to the envelope. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    354 Sports Afield magazine 1961 July
    July 1961 Vol 146, No 1 magazine used 110 pages 
    Special Bow-and-Arrow Section:
    The Complete Archer
    Black Bear with a Bow
    Bow-and-Arrow Buck
    Sports Afield's 1961 Archery Guide

    Fishing Features:
    Monsters of Midget Streams: Big yellow catfish come from small creeks in Texas
    New Killer Lure: A new fly is producing sensational results
    Catch 'Em Deep . . and Light: Anglers can now fish the bottom with a fly rod
    Swordfish: Action photos of harpooning these huge game fish

    Hunting Features:
    Rare Trophy - The Giant Forest Hog. Pursuing Africa's wild pig is difficult and deadly
    Wings Our ot the North. An expert describes his incredible duck-shooting experiences

    Additional Features:
    Tricky Guns: only fools believe that guns are foolproof
    Adventuring with Erle Stanley Gardner. Beginning a new three-part series on Baja California
    The Campfire

    Condition: Magazine is in good condition. Spine is torn at the top and bottom. Pages have corner and edge wear, and some are age toned. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 7.15 USD

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    355 The New Banana
    United Fruit Company Bananas (no date) small booklet used 24 pages, 5inches by 7 inche tall 
    News about the banana:
    National Affairs
    Foreign News
    Scientific News
    Minerals Too
    Marketing News
    a week of meal plans
    The Banana for Breakfast
    For Luncheon and Dinner
    The Banana with Meats
    The Banana for Salads
    For Hot Breads and Cake
    The Banana For Desserts
    The Banana in Sandwiches
    Bananas for Children

    Some recipes:
    Banana Fritters
    Bananas and Bacon
    Stuffed Baked Apples
    Spiced Bananas
    Banana and Cabbage Salad
    Banana Tea Cake
    Banana Frosting
    Banana Apricot Mousse
    Banana Ice Cream
    Banana Charlotte
    Banana Pie
    Banana Caramel Custard
    and others

    Condition: Pages have creases and corner wear. Cover has creases, stains, and wear to the edges and corners. Staples are rusty. 
    Price: 6.88 USD

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    356 Brer Rabbit Book of Molasses Magic
    (no date) small booklet used 23 pages, 4 inches by 7 inches tall 
    Take the yawn our of Breakfast
    Let's take a long look at Lunch
    Something special's happened to Supper
    Desserts that call for second helpings
    Dear Vegetables, you've never tasted so good
    Some Shelf Magic for busy days
    A Sauce? A Curry? Fix one in a hurry
    Sweet-Tooth molasses magic
    Don't talk to Dad, he's creating Outdoors
    Homemade magic for the Cookie Jar

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 4.60 USD

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    357 Monthly Adventure Role-Playing Aid - DRAGON
    August 1985 Vol 10 No 3 Magazine Used 112 pages 
    In the city: Saga of odl city
    The city beyond the gate

    Score one for Sabratact
    All about the druid/ranger
    Pages from the mages V
    The chance of a lifetime
    From first draft to a last gasp

    Condition – Cover has creasing and bent corners 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    358 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction magazine 1980 October
    Davis Publications Inc. October 1980 Volume 4 Number 10 magazine used 178 pages 
    Editorial: The Mosaic and the Plate Glass - Isaac Asimov

    On Books - Baird Searles
    The Wheels of Dream - John M. Ford
    Robots of Oz - Martin Gardner
    Outsider - Skip Wall
    Smile - Tim Colley
    Touch of the Bear - Pat Murphy

    The SF Conventional Calendar - Erwin S. Strauss
    The Axioms of Science Fiction - Jon Inouye
    Peregrine: Perplexed - Avram Davidson


    Condition: Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, soil, partial address sticker, and wear to the edge and corners. 
    Price: 5.00 USD

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    359 Harvard Business Reports Vol 6
    A W Shaw Company 1928 Hardcover used 6 inches by 9 inches tall 
    Oversized book - international shipping would cost more.
    554 pages

    Harvard Business Reports Vol 6, 1928, A W Shaw Company, 554 pages, 6 inches by 9 inches tall, hardcover.

    Description: Companies reported on:
    American Conveyor Company
    Antrim Paper Company
    Aran Manufacturing Company
    Arjax Company
    Arnold Machinery Company
    Artificial Leather Distributing Company
    Atlan Alcohol Company
    Baxtam Machinery Company
    Borden Paper Company
    Bucklam Box Company
    Buckner Textile Machinery Company
    Carton Machinery Company
    Cathron Company
    Chalders Manufacturing Company
    Charland Chemical Company
    Coffeyville Textile Machinery Company
    Eldon Manufacturing Company
    Erven Leather Products Company
    Everette Elkins Company
    Exton Gear Company
    Frame Wire Company
    Glen Tool Company
    Glenister Sprinkler Company
    Glenrock Manufacturing Company
    Gurnet Corporation
    Harltey Company
    Holden Company
    Lorry Company
    McKinney & Company
    Manly Elastic Company
    Massasoit Leather Company
    Maxman-Timball Company
    Multiprint Company
    Munro-Cliff Company
    National Rack Drill Company
    Nerlan Company
    Neville & Company
    Newell Hardware Company
    Never Tool Company
    Nobel Chain Company
    Otway Machinery Company
    Paley Truck Company
    Priestly, F. R. Company
    Prior Automatic Machinery Company
    Queensbury Pump Company
    Radams Chemical Company
    Radio Instrument Company
    Raeburn Electric Company
    Rubber Wire company
    Sallust Alloy Steel Corporation
    Shaftesbury J P Company
    Sheridan Chemicals Company
    Stength Union Company
    Symbol Electric Company
    Tansey Supplies Company
    Tasman Gauge Company
    Tiber Body Company
    Titon Leather Company
    Van Dort Grinding Wheel Company
    Wavery Manufacturing Company
    Waynax Machinery Company
    Westmacott Machinery Company
    Wiremold Company

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 27.50 USD

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    360 The Three M's of Quakerism, Meeting, Message, Mission, Tenth Anniversary Lectures
    Institute of Quaker Studies, Earlham School of Religion 1971 softcover used 85 pages, 5 inches by 8 inches tall 
    Foreword - Wilmer A Cooper
    The Meeting: The Nurturing Ground of Quakerism - Hugh Barbour
    The Message of Quakers - T Canby Jones
    The Mission of Quakers - William E Barton
    Friends Respond to Racism in the United States - Barrington Dunbar
    Retrospect and Prospect - Paul A Lacey
    Epilogue: Burning Bushes - Charles F Thomas

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 11.00 USD
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    361 Rod Action magazine 1977 November
    Challenge Publications Inc. 1977 Volume 6, Number 11 magazine used 82 pages 
    1977 Street Rod Nationals (color)
    Goodies Galore
    A Look Back
    Universal Fuel Pumps
    Class Glass
    Garage Cars: California, Texas

    Long on Luxury (color) 1934 Pontiac
    Mildly Stock (color) 1932 Ford Tudor
    Carpenter's Classic 1932 Buick Coupe
    Cherry Delivery 1933 Ford Sedan Delivery
    Traveling Salesman (color)1941 Willys Coupe
    Scene Stealer 1937 Chevrolet 2-door sedan
    Unlikely Combo 1942 Chevrolet Coupe
    Left At the Church (color) 1923 Ford T Roadster
    A Lower Mopar (color) 1936 Plymouth 4-door
    Grease (color) 1940 Mercury Coupe

    One-Way - editorial
    NSRA Monthly Report
    Soft Shouders (For the Gals)
    SEMA Monthly Report
    Two-Way Traffic
    Quiet Zone
    Rod Route: Street Meetings: 1977 Canadian Street Meet, NOR-CAL Meet
    Humor Ahead: Cartoon
    Loading Zone: New Products
    Show & Go
    Stop & Shop

    Condition: Pages are age toned and have edge tears, corner creases, and heavy corner wear. Cover has tears, creases, soil, marked out address sticker and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    362 Annie's Pattern Club Newsletter 27
    Annie's Attic June-July 1984 Number 27 magazine Used 47 pages 
    Room accents (swag lamp & clock)
    Smocked set
    Counted penpoint
    Prissy (poodle)
    Tote bags
    Clothespin doll
    Recipe book
    Candystripe afghan
    Dutch girl quilt
    Crochet caddy
    Bedside caddy
    Rosebud pillow
    Alfred & Agnes
    Bridal bell
    Rosebud pillow
    Lily Corsage
    Key catcher
    Kansas sun
    Cross-stitch hot pad
    Slinky snake CONDITION:
    Pull-out pattern section is missing. Light creasing and wear to cover 
    Price: 7.70 USD
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    363 Palette Talk painting magazine 1986 #64
    Grumbacher Inc 1986 magazine used 15 pages 
    Articles include:
    Painting a Tennessee Winter by Harold Miller
    Teacher Feature Cheri Mohn's Band of Buckeye Painters
    The Watercolor World of Domenic DeStefano
    Study with the Masters by Helen Van Wyk
    My Studio in the Wilds by Lunda Hoyle Gill
    Palette Scrapings by Helen Van Wyk
    Color Clinic Condition: Used. Previous owners address sticker on back cover. 
    Price: 5.00 USD
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    364 Favorite Things Slippers pattern 037 family sizes
    Favorite Things 1996 pattern new 
    Sewing pattern to make slippers. From the package: "Warm, comfy slippers to fit the whole family. From Baby to Grandpa, ten sizes are included in this quick and easy pattern. Do them in felt or flannel - instructions are included for felt trim."

    Designed by Leslie Gladman

    Condition: New, uncut. 
    Price: 3.85 USD

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    365 Fine Homebuilding magazine 2006 July #180
    The Taunton Press July 2006 No. 180 magazine used 134 pages 
    A Solid Deck Begins with Concrete Piers - build this simple foundation with basic tools and ingredients
    Tubular Skylights
    What You Need to Know About Lithium-Ion Batteries.
    Old Barn Inspires New House
    Wainscot for a Window
    PEX Pipe: is Copper on the Way Out?
    Build a Chinese Railing
    Dust Control
    Anchoring Wood to a Steel I-Beam
    Avoiding Accidents on the Tablesaw

    Finishing Touches - a different outlook on railings
    Questions & Answers - Tiling over different substrates; Floor joists vs rafter ties
    What's the Difference? - Toggle bolts, Speed squares
    Building Skills - build a tablesaw crosscut sled
    Drawing Board - laundry rooms for small spaces
    Master Carpenter - cutting elliptical trim
    Great Moments - a little wiggle room

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 6.60 USD

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    366 M&M's Holiday Activity Book, Volume II
    Mars Inc. 1984 booklet used 29 pages 
    Felt Stocking Stuffer
    Edible Tree Trims
    Finger Puppets
    M&M's Chocolate Candies Fun Wreath
    Christmas Confection
    M&M's Plain & Peanut Characters Stocking

    Gift Containers
    Gift Bank
    Decorative Bag and Jar Covers
    Advent Calander

    Gift/Recipe Combinations:
    Basket of Bears
    Flower Pot
    Party Mix

    Christmas Wreaths
    Castle Cake
    Snowman Cake and Tree Cake
    Santa's Bag of Recipe Goodies

    Kids' Party Ideas

    Condition: Worn copy. Pages are creased. Cover is creased, soiled, and has wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.23 USD

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    367 The Decorative Painter magazine 2006 January/February
    Society of Decorative Painters January/February 2006 magazine used 112 pages 
    Projects, Lessons & Developing Skills:
    Trade Your Art - artist trading cards
    The Matrix, Faux
    Florentine Fashion
    Folksy Full House - acrylic - painted folk art playing card boxes
    Brush with Royalty - acrylic
    The Cat's Meow - acrylic
    Ethereal Floral - watercolor
    Nature's Reflections - acrylic - a stately decoy goose among masculine colors decorates a mantel-friendly mirror
    Simple Elegance - Oil - less really is better in this modern take on the simple calla lily
    Memories in the Making - Oil - treat your eyes - and feet to a trample l'oeil on a working footrest
    Pansy Panache - acrylic
    Treasured Strokes - acrylic - trendy colors meet traditional strokework in this unique box-within-a-box surface
    Delicate Designs - acrylic
    Cheery Cherries - acrylic

    Condition: Cover wear. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    368 Woodsmith Magazine 2009 August #184
    August Home Publishing August/September 2009 Volume 31 Issue 184 magazine used 50 pages 
  • Tips & Techniques
  • Knock-Down Fasteners. Take a look at some handy hardware that makes assembling and disassembling projects a breeze
  • Secrets to a Smooth Surface. A couple of traditional hand tools can take the hard work out of smoothing a workpiece.
  • Using Brass Set-Up Gauges. When fast, precise tool setup is the goal, here's a simple accessory that gets the job done
  • Vertical Cuts on the Table Saw.
  • Shop Notebook
  • Seamless Plywood Edging. Here are the tips and tricks we use to guarantee perfect edging on plywood panels
  • Avoiding Router Table Tearout.
  • A Distressed Milk Paint Finish. We'll show you how to give your project the time-worn look of a classic antique
  • Carving Berry and Rod Molding.
  • Q & A


  • Frame and Easel. This beautiful frame and easel is guaranteed to put a favorite family photo in the best light.
  • Glass-Panel Coffee Table
  • Drop-Front Desk

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    369 Palette Talk painting magazine 1980 #46
    Grumbacher Inc 1980 magazine used 15 pages 
    Articles include:
    Facets of a Sparkling Medium by Fritzi Mohrenstecher Morrison
    Teacher Feature - Marie Deigh Butler's Button-Factory Studio
    Painting From Light to Dark in the Alla Prima Technique by Gianni Cilfone
    A Painting in Progress - From Far to Near by Jacqueline Penney
    Oil Painting with A Light Touch by Mervin Honig
    How I Produce an Idea by David Tutwiler
    Palette Scrapings by Helen Van Wyk
    Color Clinic: Thalo Green Condition: Used. Previous owners address sticker on back cover. 
    Price: 5.00 USD
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    370 Simplicity Pattern 8667 womens shirt, jacket pants sizes Lrg and XL
    Simplicity Pattern Company 1993 pattern factory folded 
    Sewing pattern for shirt, pants, and jacket in misses sizes large and XL. "Pull-on pants with side seam pockets have double elastic waistline casing. Front buttoned top with V-neckline, long sleeves and shaped hemline has back elastic casing. Kimono jacket has long sleeves with turn back facings for forming cuffs."

    Condition: New. Wear to the envelope. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    371 Simplicity mens and womens robe and pants pattern 4743 sizes XS - XL
    Simplicity Pattern Company 2004 pattern factory folded 
    Sewing pattern for misses, men's or teens robe in two lengths and pants. Sizes XS to XL.

    Condition: New. Wear to the envelope. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    372 Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming issue 77
    Fall 2002 Issue 77, Vol 20, No. 4 magazine used 
    "Variable ratio reward" is what it's all about
    Take the second train, not the ominous one - John Haines goes to Europe
    Mycorrhizas, Part 5 - Fall Mushrooms, Fungus-Robbers, and a Definition Revisited
    The seven steps to making a senior moments field guide
    Taking 3D photos with your regular camera
    The Cooking Column
    Twiddling your green and white thumbs: Growing tomatos and mushrooms
    Phaeolepiota aurea: A beautiful and mysterious mushroom

    Condition: Ex library with library markings. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 4.40 USD
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    373 Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming issue 80
    Summer 2003 Issue 80, Vol 21, No. 3 magazine used 
    Hunting Morels in Ohio
    Mycorama - creating a mushroom museum for mycology in Switzerland
    An Interview with Margaret Lewis
    Formerly Fungi: Focus on Phytophthora
    Giant Gyromitras
    Mushroom Cultivation Seminars at Presidio, part 2
    Cooking with Aged Porcini
    Cooking with Chantrelles

    Condition: Ex library magazine with library markings. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 4.40 USD
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    374 Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming issue 81
    Fall 2003 Issue 81, Vol 21, No. 4 magazine used 
    Mushrooming and the CIA (Culinary Institue of America)
    Sections of Amanita, part 3: Secions Validae and Amidella
    Mofungi: Cooking with Autumn Boletes
    The Cultivation Column: Eating Clathrus ruber
    Key to the most of the named North American Amanitas

    Condition: Ex library magazine with library markings. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 4.40 USD
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    375 Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming issue 74
    Winter 2001-02 Issue 74, Vol 20, No. 1 magazine used 
    Mushroom hunters of the grasslands
    Amanita pantherina over 8 dyas
    Insects and their mushroom hosts
    Don't eat T. equestre
    Raising Stropharia on your paths
    The Margaret Tagwira project
    The Cooking Column
    The Cultivation Column

    Condition: Ex library magazine with library markings. Cover has rubbing wear, damp stain, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. Some pages have dampstain. 
    Price: 4.40 USD
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    376 Mushroom, The Journal of Wild Mushrooming issue 73
    Fall 2001 Issue 73, Vol 19, No. 4 magazine used 
    Matsutake an Endangered Species?
    The Spectre of 'Mucho Destructo'
    Myco-Restoration of Logging Roads
    Six Weeks with Four Puffballs
    Sunshine and Tomatoes
    Fungi of Mines and Caves
    Cooking Column

    Condition: Ex library magazine with library markings. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 4.40 USD
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    377 Modern Table Settings in Crochet, Book 40
    SPOOL COTTON CO 1935 Book 40 Leaflet Used 26 pages 
    crochet patterns and instructions:
    Mayfair Dinner set
    Field of daisies luncheon set
    Dessert bridge set
    Empire medallion tea cloth
    The Petal luncheon set
    Midnight supper set
    Italian table mats
    Tea wagon mat
    Peasant table mats
    The star wheel table-cloth
    The English daisy luncheon set
    The King Cedric dinner cloth
    Block mat breakfast set

    Cover has creasing, rubbing wear, bent corners, and edge wear, and sticker on back cover. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    378 Rooster Weathervane Pattern
    Yours Truly 1983 pattern new 
    Three full size patterns and instructions to make rooster. Approximate finished sizes: Small - 8" square; Medium - 10 1/4" square; Large - 13 1/2" square.

    Condition: package has been opened but the pattern is complete and uncut. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    379 Fine Woodworking magazine 2003 October #165
    Taunton's Press October 2003 No. 165 Magazine Used 114 pages 
    Articles -
    Methods of Work - Adjustable support for a workbench; Belt-sander sharpening jig; Improved shop-apron design
    Tools & Materials - New 10-in. tablesaw drom Wile; Better dust mask; Smoothing plane with a classic pedigree
    Master Class - Bring life to flat panels by adding texture
    Hot to Get Square, Stable Stock - For best results, rough-mill the wood, allow it to stabilize, then finish mill
    Sharpening - A Different Approach - powdered abrasizes on granite are quick, efficient, and economical
    Rescue a dull, rusty chisel at the Grinder
    Step-Back Cupboard - Build an elegant, 18th-century cupboard, and hone your hand-tool skills at the same time
    Four Finishes for Turnings - when to use wax, shellac, lacquer, and oil
    Biscuit Basics - this versatile and speedy system can handle all the joints in plywood casework
    Updating an Antique
    TOOL TEST - Replacing Miter Gauges

    Condition - cover has creases 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    380 The Professional Quilter, Business Journal for Serious Quilters, Issue 92
    used 30 pages 
  • An Interview with Designer Maggie Walker.
  • How to Sell One Design Twelve Times. It's possible to generate additional income with multiple sales of your original designs
  • Ten Tips for Working at Home. Working at home has lots of benefits, but it also has challenges. Try these tips for reaping more of the rewards.
  • Selling at Wholesale Trade Shows. When you're ready to expand on a large scale, wholesale shows are the logical means. Learn how to find the trade show that's right for you.
  • Insuring Quilts
  • Search Engine Optimization.

    Condition: Pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 3.30 USD

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    381 Western Gateways magazine 1967 Summer
    KC Publications Summer 1967 Volume 7 Number 3 magazine used 80 pages 

    Swinging Around the Four Corners:
    One of the nation's best know travel writers takes us on a thousand mile paved circle tour of some of his favorite country.

    Colorado's Topless Mountain:
    Grand Mesa is for all seasons. It's fishing, hunting, skiing and cooling off country.

    Where Four States Meet

    From Pits to Pueblos:
    The Mesa Verde people had begun as homeless nomads and in ten centuries had evolved themselves into talented apartment dwellers. Then time ran out

    The Gallup Indian Ceremonial:
    Each August, the Indian Capital of The World hosts this All-Indian event, which brings tribes and spectators from all over the west.

    Obscure Arch in Navajoland.
    Persistence pays off with discovery of an unmarked arch - and a bonus discovery - just off the beaten path in the heart of the Navajo Reservation.

    Navajo Lake

    The Golden Circle Concept

    Map of the Four Corners Area

    Conversation with Milton Wetherill:
    Recollections by a man whose family explored Mesa Verde before the turn of the century, and went on to become widely known Indian Traders.

    Condition: Pages have moisture wrinkling, dampstain on bottom, edge, and edge and corner wear. Cover has soil, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. Staples are rusty. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    382 Sports Afield magazine 1962 June
    The Hearst Corporation June 1962 Volume 147 Number 6 magazine used 156 pages 
    Fishing Features:
    The Rivers of America - The Columbia. 4th in this series of rivers and their hotspots
    A New Dawn For Good Fishing. Latest developments
    Striper Fishing by Outboard
    A Sucker for Muskies
    Poor Man's Steelhead

    Hunting Features:
    Who Says Black Bear Won't Kill? Action packed thriller
    Sport's Afield's Yukon Wilderness Expedition - Part 3 hunting the Dall sheep
    Where the Wild Goose Goes
    Hunting Manitoba's Many Moose

    How-To Features:
    "Pork Chops" For Bass - one man's secret bass whammy
    How to Make a Knife Carrier - use small game pellets for this handy sheath
    Secrets of Outdoor Cooking

    Special Features:
    Pops and the Restigouche Salmon
    Nobody Understands the Hawk

    Department Features:
    Report From Washington
    Cold Cache
    Trap and Skeet
    Common-Sense Small Boat Piloting
    Mixed Bag
    What's New in Arms
    The Pikes
    Fins Beneath the Sea
    The Green Stick
    Kennel Runs
    Pointer versus Setter
    Sportsman's Quiz

    Condition: Pages are age toned and the last few have moisture wrinkling. Cover has marked out address sticker, creases, and edge and corner wear. Back cover has dampstain and moisture wrinkling. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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    383 Air Classics magazine 1972 December
    Challenge Publications, Inc. December 1972 Volume 8, Number 14 magazine used 66 pages 
  • Readers's Forum. Ode to a Lady - an open letter from a former military flyer who wants to set the record straight about the venerable KC-97 and a few other pieces of hardware from the Air Force inventory of the fifties
  • Revenge at Revigny. Harassed by the constant intrusion of German Airships over the French soil in 1916 a reward of 10,000 francs was offered to the first gunners to successfully down a Zepplin. The results far exceeded France's expectations.
  • Catch-22 Air Force. Never, have so many worked so hard to get so many planes in the air for a film . . . Just to have it go to waste on the cutting room floor. An Air Classics interview with Frank G. Tallman about the film Catch-22
  • Executive Sweet. A classic's debut at Abbootsford. Joining the largest assemblage of classic warbirds on the North American continent, challenge's B-25J Executive Sweet makes her debut at Abbotsford.
  • Anatomy of a Killer: The Mitchell
  • Too Little Too Late. The ill-fated saga of the Fairey Battle in France, 1940
    News Items

    Pages have creases and corner wear. Cover has creases and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 7.15 USD

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    384 Paintings, Furniture and Objects of Art, Property of The Hon. Perry Belmont and Mrs. Belmont, Unrestricted Public Sale catalogue
    American Art Association, Anderson Galleries Inc. 1932 catalogue 3988 softcover used 120 pages 
    Auction sale catalogue for the property of The Hon. Perry Belmont and Mrs. Belmont, removed from their Washington D.C. and Newport, R.I. Reseidences and sold by their order.

    Oil Paintings, Fine Examples by Noted Artists Including:
    Rosa Bohneur, Bouguereau, Clays, Cuyp, Detaille, Hobbema, Nicolaas Maes, Ban Ostade, and others

    French Furniture and Decorations including
    European & Oriental Porcelains, Silver and Silver Plate, Tapestries, Oriental Rugs, together with a small choice collection of Eighteenth Century Fans

    Condition: Pages are clean but have corner wear. Cover has creases, soil, edge tears, and wear to the corners. Spine is tilted. Back cover has writing in pencil. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    385 Palette Talk painting magazine 1978 #35
    Grumbacher Inc 1978 magazine used 15 pages 
    Articles include:
    Keeping Alive the Drama of Railroading by Walter Wilcox
    Teacher Feature - Susie Brown's Studio
    A Feeling for Felines by Shannon Stirnweis
    To Sea or Not to See by Arden von Dewitz
    Hunting with Brush and Palette by Peter Darro
    Let's Look Into Windows, A Step-by-Step Treatment by Helen Van Wyk
    Palette Scapings
    The Pro's Nest, meet with Richard W Johnson Condition: Used. Previous owners address sticker on back cover. 
    Price: 5.00 USD
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    386 Pizza, Pizza: 150 Deliciously Dazzling Ways to Make Everyone's Favorite Pie
    Weight Watchers 2003 softcover used 222 pages 
    Cover: "A Slice of Pizza for 5 Points? Weight Watchers has taken the concpet of pizza to exhilarating new heights. Everything is fair game in Pizza, Pizza: 150 Deliciously Dazzling Ways to Make Everyone's Favorite Pie. There are pizzas for purists (including simple tips for making your own dough); pizza for the time-challenged (pies in 10 minutes or less); pizza for people who love meat (hearty pies with chicken, sausage, ground beef and more) and don't (slices for the vegetarians among us); there are even pizzas for people who love dessert (sweet pizza pies). Most importantly, countless of these 150 recipes are a mere 5 POINTS or less per slice! So enjoy a slice - or two - and feel good about it!"

    Condition: Pages are clean. Cover has light wear. 
    Price: 4.40 USD

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    387 Symposium Lake Oswego Oregon high school yearbook 1996
    1996 Volume XXV hardcover used 171 pages, 9 inches by 12 inches tall 
    Oversized book - US priority and international shipping will cost more.

    Description: Lakeridge 1996, Lake Oswego Oregon, highschool yearbook for 1996

    Condition: Book is in good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. No writing. Binding is tight. Cover has rubbing wear, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 27.47 USD

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    388 Crafts 'n Things magazine 2002 October
    Clapper Communications October 2002 magazine used 90 pages 
    Yard Witches (cover)
    Tuna Can Witch
    Glowing Jack-O-Lanterns
    Frankenstein Door Banner
    Trick-or-Treat Sweatshirt (cross stitch)
    Candy Corn Pocket
    Spooky Pencil Holders
    Happy Haunting cross stitch
    Halloween Applique Shirt
    Stacked Pumpkin décor
    Midnight Flight Halloween Screen
    Witch Air Freshener
    Gourd Candles
    Pumpkin Dishtowels
    Interchangeable Autumn Centerpiece
    Pumpkin Clock
    Natures Squares Crocheted Afghan
    Fragrant Scarecrow Air Freshener
    Leaf Pillar Candle
    Oak Leaf & Acorn Pillow
    Welcome Friends hanging
    Turkey Window Peeker
    Turkey Favor Box
    Embossed Velvet Scarf
    How Many Days Until ... Countdown to Christmas
    Snowman Mitten Bucket
    Season of White winter message cross stitch

    Condition: Edge and corner wear. Pull-out pattern section is intact. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    389 Bead & Button magazine 2002 December #52
    Kalmbach Publishing Co December 2002 Issue 52 Magazine Used 153 pages 
    Pearls & gems
    Dancing light necklace
    Poinsetta ornament
    Crystal amulet bag
    Grapevine beads
    Stringing the grapvine necklace
    Lampworker extrodinaire
    Russian leaves ornament cover
    A Kaleidoscope of crochet
    An oddyssey of adornment
    3-part harmony
    Painting with beads
    Styx and stones
    Bangle basics
    Noughts and crosses

    Condition – Cover has light creasing and bent corners 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    390 Columbia Young Set Fashions Hand Knits and Crochet No. 113
    James Lees and Sons Company 1948 first edition magazine used 32 pages 
    Little Princess Coat
    Brother and Sister Cardigan Suits
    Petite Point Sweater and Skirt
    Tiny Torso Suit
    Rough-'n Tumble Cardigan
    Sleeveless Pullover
    Lassie Cardigan Suit
    Long-sleeved Pullover
    Bunny Button-Down Sweater
    Cardigan and Slipover girls
    3 Piece Swiss Set (sweater, cap, and mittens)
    2-Piece Dress
    Childs Hat - 3 different
    Argyle Mittens
    Ear Muffs and Mittens
    Cable Mittens
    Block Stitch Mittens
    Cable Clock Socks
    Ribbed Socks
    Argyle Socks
    Stocking Cap
    Spiral Socks
    Argyle Clock Socks
    Cable Socks
    Plain Socks
    Striped Socks

    Condition: Pages have corner wear, age toning to the center, and some have writing. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Spine fold is splitting and cover is coming loose. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    391 Heishers' Baby Book Hand Knits for Infants to 4 Years Vol. 87
    Fleisher Yarns Inc. 1950 softcover used 55 pages 
    Patterns and instructions for:
    Gift Set - sacque, cap and booties
    Lullaby Set sacque, bonnet and booties
    Little Princess Set
    Shell Stitch Carriage Cover
    Star Stitch Carriage Cover
    "Bunny" Carriage Cover
    Triangle Soakers
    Crocheted Soakers
    Sacque and Kimono
    Sacque - 2 different
    Crocheted Pullover
    Cable Caridgan
    Embroidered Cardigan
    "Cowboy" Pullover
    Baby Books Type Cardigan
    Bib Pants
    Striped Shirt
    Boy's Pantie Suit
    Outdoor Set - Snowsuit, Mittens, and Boy's Cap
    Baby Bonnet
    Infants Beret
    Helmet cap
    Knitted Pixie Cap
    Sleeveless Pullover
    Zipper Cardigan
    Surplice Sweater
    Raglan Pullover
    Openwork Set
    Cap and Mittens
    Round Wrapping Shawl
    Brooks Type Cardigan
    Brooks Type Pullover
    Boys or Girls Cable Cardigan
    Plaid Windbreaker
    Tennis Sweater
    Sun Suit
    2 Piece Suit
    Argyle Pullover
    Afghan Stitch Cardigan
    Girls Snowsuit
    Boy's Snow Suit with leggings

    Condition: Pages have edge and corner wear. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, soil, tears, and wear to the edges and corners. Staples are rusty and have stained the pages and cover. Spine fold is split. 
    Price: 9.35 USD

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    392 Swift & Silent video
    Sable Enterprises VHS video used 1 hour playing time 
    box: "A dramatic film comparing the three great spotted predators, the JAGUAR, the LEOPARD and the CHEETAH.

    As a sequel to the now famous film The Silent Hunter, John and Elmon continue their adventures into some of the most remote, endangered and inhospitable regions of the South American Jungle, the Masai Mara grasslands of Kenya and the Bushland of Southern Africa.

    Swift and Silent examines these threatened habitats and the dramatic spotted predators that exist there.

    One hour of INTENSE VIEWING including some remarkable hunting and kill sequences."

    Condition: Used but guaranteed. 
    Price: 22.00 USD

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    393 Painting magazine 1997 October
    DAD Publishing October 1997 Vol. 12, No. 5 magazine used 70 pages 
    Painting Articles:
    Pumpkin Pals Shelf-Sitters. These charming chums have fabric arms and legs.
    Autumn's Whimsey Leaves - These fun porcelain pieces have raised faces!
    Purr-fect Mouse Pad - paint this kitten with washes and pen-and-ink
    Chickadee Hexagon Box - A marbled background is perfect for this little bird

    Message Cat Board - Ink the design, then tint it with oil rubs
    Moon Lite Christmas Pillowcase Bags
    Painting With Kids:
    Ceramic Witch's Face - Use a flashlight to make her eyes and mouth glow.

    Quick Paint:
    Mini-Post Frankenstein
    Willamena Witch Windchime (air dry enamel)
    Trick-or-Treat Threesome Boxes (acrylic)
    Hen in Granite Pan Box (acrylic)
    Walking Snowman Pin (acrylic)

    Educational Series:
    Oils - In the Beginning. Oak tree at Merced River
    Painting on Glass
    Crackle Finishes

    Condition: Pages are clean, some have creases. Cover has creases, partial address sticker, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    394 Annie's Pattern Club Newsletter 31
    Annie's Attic Feb-March 1985 Number 31 magazine Used 63 
    Cheering out
    Pansy pillow
    Framed flowers
    People posies
    Acorn catch-all
    Knit baby set (cable stitch sweater set)
    Fishing boat
    Canada geese (waterfowl soap covers)
    Fruit pie fridgies
    Quilted hot pads
    Diagnoal shell top
    Cozy comfort (winter white afghan & pillow)
    Circus bear
    Beaded purse
    Helpful hangers
    Kitchen cows
    Fun hats
    Star basket
    Knit doll sweater
    Domino fridgies
    Picot-edged place mat
    Bear wall hoop
    Kitchen cows

    Pull-out pattern section is missing. Cover has light creasing, and corner wear 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    395 Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, March 1984
    March 1984 Vol 27 No. 1 softcover used 6 inches by 9 inches tall 

    Preaching with Power the Word "Correctly Handled" to Transform Man and His World

    Moses and Anthropology: A New View of the Exodus

    Preaching the Gospels: Methodology and Contextualization

    The Census and Quirinius: Luke 2:2

    Paul's Use of Kalein: A Proposal

    The Early Christian View of Pseudepigraphic Writings

    The Priority of Divine Revelation: A Review Article

    Condition: Magazine is in good condition. Some pages have underlining of text, margin notes, and one has a soiled spot. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    396 Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society, December 1984
    December 1984 Vol 27 No. 4 softcover used 6 inches by 9 inches tall 

    Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited

    A Thematic Development of the Haggai/Zechariah/Malachi Corpus

    The Influence of Daniel upon the Structure and Theology of John's Apocalypse

    New Testament Miracles and Higher Criticism: Climbing Up the Slippery Slope

    The Doctrine of Inspiration Since the Reformation, Part II: Changing Climates of Opinion

    Warfield, Infant Salvation, and the Logic of Calvinism

    The Pentecostal Initial Evidence Doctrine

    Colin Brown, Miracles and the Critical Mind: A Review Article

    Index to Volume 27

    Condition: Magazine is in good condition. Some underlining of text. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 5.50 USD

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    397 Sense and Sensibility VHS 2 video set
    BBC Video 1987 VHS video used playing time 174 minutes 
    box: "with Irene Richard, Tracey Childs. Based on the Novel by Jane Austen. Screenplay by Alexander Baron.

    Jane Austen's delightful first novel is the story of two sisters attempting to find happiness in the tightly structured society of 18th century England. Elinor, disciplined, restrained and very conscious of the manners of the day, represents Sense. Outspoken, impetuous, emotional Marianne represents Sensibility. Both seek husbands, only to be disappointed by their initial choices. Attracted to a man already promised to another, Elinor suffers silently to keep scandal away from her family. Marianne enjoys a flirtation with a handsome scoundrel that could lead to her downfall.Through their experiences with men and their relationship with each other, they learn that neither Sense nor Sensibility alone is enough, but that one must strive for a balance of the two.

    Hailed as 'wonderfully 18th century' and offering equal measures of humor and drama, this magnificent BBC production is an utterly delightful screen version of Austen's wonderfully insightful work.

    Condition: Used but guaranteed. 
    Price: 15.40 USD

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    398 Street Rodder magazine 1976 December
    TRM Publications Inc. December 1976 Volume 5 Number 12 magazine used 74 pages 
    Rod/Machine Nationals
    Model 40 Meet
    The Baron Head
    Bonneville 76
    Join a Club

    Fire Your Ignition
    Repair Rust
    Shackle Double Up
    Chevy Shocks
    Rod Turn Signals

    '39 Chevy Coupe
    Highfill's HiBoy
    NY Center Door
    Chevy Vicky
    '37 Cabriolet

    The Street Corner
    Rodder Mail
    New Products
    Early Iron
    Across 49th St.
    Shop Manual
    Henry HiRise
    Street Rod Happenings

    Condition: Pages are age toned and have corner wear. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, soil, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    399 Rod Action magazine 1973 March
    Brock Publishing March 1973 Volume 2 Number 3 magazine used 74 pages 
    Wankels are for Rodding
    Help Beautify America
    Poly Paints: A Rodding Solution
    Hide An' Sink
    Ford Truck Parts Guide
    Are You Being Had?
    Rod Quiz: Steering Wheels
    The Sound of Music
    Taupo Run Number Two

    Turbo Trix
    Chevy Legs for Early Fords

    Ram Rod
    Deuce with Indian Power
    Boston Hooker
    Carolina Forty
    A Different Kinda A
    Customized Fifty-Fives
    Flat Six Tee

    Two-Way Traffic
    Quiet Zone
    NSRA Monthly Report
    One Way
    Rod Route - Street Meetings
    Hints for Herkimer - helpful hints for builders
    Swap Action
    Business District - new products
    Stop and Shop

    Condition: Pages are age toned and have corner wear. Cover has creases, rubbing wear, edge tears, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 11.00 USD

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    400 The Spectator magazine 1937 April 24
    The Spectator Publishing Company April 24, 1937 Vol. LXI - No. 12 magazine leaflet used 16 pages 
    Whang Whang! (humorous news items)
    Warns Against Unsound Insurance Agents
    U. P. Summer Rates (Union Pacific)
    Tidal Protest Against Supreme Court Change
    Muddled National Thinking
    Foundational Influence
    Education and War
    How the West Was Made
    Old Information and Belief
    69th Y.M.C.A. Annual Meeting
    Our Delightful Contemporaries
    Film Reviews

    Engagements and Weddings
    Dinners and Dances
    Coronation Ball
    Town Club
    Luncheons and Teas
    Garden Club Affairs
    Silver Tea
    Children's Home Tea
    May Day Tea
    Mother's Day Tea
    Marylhurst Notes
    Civic Theater Tea
    Meeting Two Real People
    When Social Wheels Spun Faster

    Fashion Views by Ungar

    Helen McCartney Concert

    What Women Are Doing
    Portland Parade
    Conservation Week
    Appearance Consultant Visits
    legal notices

    Columbia Hunt Club
    Annual Horse Show

    Condition: Ex library with library stamp on the front and blue address sticker addressed to Gov. Chas. H. Martin. Pages are age toned. Cover has creases, age toning, edge tears, and wear to the edges and corners. 
    Price: 8.25 USD

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