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Airpower magazine 1975 March
1 Airpower magazine 1975 March
Sentry Magazines 1975 March 1975, Vol 5 No 2 magazine used 8 inches by 11 inches tall 
54 pages

Contents: Behemoth. A flight engineer's exclusive test report on the Douglas B-19; Wellington: Geodetic Giant, Flying "Wimpy" the Wellington Bomber; Sword of the Samurai. Combat flying Kawasaki's Tony; The Other Martin. The Fabulous Misfortunes of an unknown aviation pioneer;

Art Directory: Wellington I; Kawasakai Ki 61 I; Kawasakai Ki 61 II

Condition: good condition, the pages are crisp and clean. Cover has rubbing wear, creases, and wear to the edges and corners.

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United States Naval Institute Proceedings November 1978
2 United States Naval Institute Proceedings November 1978
November 1978 Volume 104/11/909 magazine used 168 pages 
  • The Need for Trident - The new Trident-class submarines of the Ohio class have been criticized as "goldplated." But with the rest of our strategic triad of dubious value, we could use 20 to 30 such ships
  • Division of Labor in the Western Alliance - Not surprisingly, we tend to think of the NATO alliance from the U.S. viewpoint. But let us put ourselves in the European's shoes; we must consider his potential contributions and, above all, his continuing concerns
  • U.S. NATO Policy: The Challenge and the Opportunity. In the face of a formidable Soviet military threat, the NATO allies must work together to implement the recently formulated Long Term Defense Program for their mutual benefit
  • Spitsbergen: Who's in Control? The possibility of drilling for oil under the continental shelf off northern Norway poses problems for the NATO alliance because Norway might have to reach an accomodation with the U.S.S.R. on the issue
  • Pictorial - An Ordinary Joe
  • Standardization of Bankruptcy for NATO - Some $10 billion of the $90 billion that NATO countries spend each year for weapons is wasted because of duplication and inefficiency. Standardization offers a remedy to such wastefulness.
  • My Father Was a Hero. A grieving daughter discovered a packet of letters shortly after the death of her ex-marine father and learned much that she had never known about him.

    Condition: Pages have edge soil and corner wear, and some have creases. Cover is creased, soiled, and has wear to the edges and corners. Magazine has a musty smell. 
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